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Bill Kelly, would you like to transcribe this?

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I was living in Dallas, Texas with three of my children age 16, 12, 10, four month old Granddaught.

I worked at Texas Instruments (ti) in Richardson, Texas in the iBm final test in quality control, qualifying transition.

I was divorced going with a man age 39, named E. L. Hester. I later married E. L. Hester. Hester as I have always called him called me on the morning of Nov. 22, 1963. Told me that he had to go to court house to pay his child support. Wanting to know if I wanted to go with him and then we would eat Breakfast before we went to work that night.

I told him yes, but that I would come pick him up as I lived further out than him. So I drove to his apartment near Ford Motor Plant as that where he lived near Ford Motor Plant and worked there. I drove my black Dodge car and picked him up. We started towards the Courthouse and before we got there and we saw Kennedy's caravan way head of us on another street, so I said oh! my I forgot Kennedys were in town, hurry cut over to our right to next street we can run over to court house before they get near the court house, they will be going to under-pass on that street so we did. That put us ....between the building next to back of the Book building and this other building. I …./.,…told didn't know if….


….we could legally park there, but hurry, get out run across street before Kennedy's caravan got there as he did and I moved over in driver seat so if law came buy I could drive on.

I saw a ….Grey one seated old car pared there at the end of the sidewalk that came out at back of Texas Depository Book Building, had lot on my mind as wondering if E.L. …should marry as we both had kids. We would had eight together to take care of.

I felt as if some one looking at me. Sure enough I looked up this guy in the Grey X Dodge and Plymouth car was looking at real mean at me. He had on a felt gray hat with a wide brim hat band on it, the X hat was sitting …dly pulled down cross his forehead. He had on a suit of X dark color. We looked away when he saw me looking at him.

We were only about 30 or 40 feet from each other. I was wishing Hester would hurry back I had a bad feeling something bad was about to happen, about that time a police car stopped beside this gray car and told the man that he had to move that car, move on. The man hesitated and the law said ……and get out of his car and said I said move the car.

The gray car X started towards me and turned left just before he got to me at side of a warehouse there. The police then went on turned right around the same…

p. 3.

Warehouse, they must have passed each other on other side of warehouse. I could not see behind the warehouse, the police car did not come back around there, but the grey car came around from back of warehouse on left side from me. He pulled up into the parking lot on left if you faced the warehouse and pulled in between X two or three cars on left as he pulled in. The parking lot had several cars in it.

Just as Gray car had pulled into the parking Place I was looking ahead of me again towards the under pass and a man, not a real big man (about the size of Oswald came running out of book building holding a real pretty high powered rifle with a scope the wood on riffle shined like new wood. The man was holding the rifle in his right hand high in the air, with barrel of rifle pointing straight toward sky.

I thought my God whats happening. He was running towards Grey had been.

He stopped turned fast run towards underpass on grass. He had on a tan or kahki colored pants short jacket X that matched in color. He had the short jacket open and running so fast that wind was blowing the back of jacket out from his back.


the police car came from back of me really running fast. There was no street there so he was on grass behind my car, he hit a reail to rail or both that we X beside my car he came within inches of hitting my car, scared me.

He also took off across the grass passed the book building towards under pass.

X I was scared and still did not know what was happening. Then the next thing a Channel 8 red car came running up to back of book building and I knew for sure something bad had happened about that to me (my husband now) came running to driver side of my car. I said whats going ton. He said Kennedy has been shot. I moved over to passenger side of car, said get in drive I am to nervous. I said my God we get out of here before we get shot.

Hurry so we hurried away back towards town x went into a café to eat breakfast. It was already on Radio 5. We talked to some people everyone was upset. We heard he was dead later.

I never told anyone about this but my family. Some could hardly believe me they were shocked to.

My husband and daughter were sitting on couch day Jack Ruby shot X Oswsald. Soon as I saw Jack Ruby there, I just knew he was there to kill Oswald for Jack Ruby had on felt hat wide brim band and suit like driver of Grey car. And his shirt I saw running Oh God he is going to X kill Oswald and he shot him.


Ruby has to kill Oswald.

Tippitt was killed because he had to ….and follwed the ….to Texas….

I did not know Tippit but saw him as he told the Man in the Grey olds X I seated car sit….old gray Plymouth or Dodge, can't remember if had a ship on the X hod or in….only difference in looks, Olds ws made in the 1930s I saw TIppitt Xtwo times …and a picrue in paperX after he was killed, ….the man in old Grey car was ….just like Jack Ruby a Grey felt hat with wide brim,……

Tell it ….

Saw him and knew for sure if I ..or Jack Ruby was …old grey car. The old car…….

The old car driver I saw …..was dressed a like or Jack X Ruy was in the old car.

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She claims that she saw and recognized Jack Ruby on TV while he was waiting in the basement to kill Oswald. Is Ruby in fact shown in any tape of the event, long enough to be recognized, before stepping out from the crowd and shooting Oswald?

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This appears to be the unofficial written deposition/affidavit of the women witness who called in to the Coast to Coast AM show last Nov. 22nd and told the same story.

Who is Bud Robinson?



Bud Robinson is Cindy's husband, Cindy is the daughter of Del Hester who wrote this (somewhat hazy) account.

From: Bud Robinson

To: Wim Dankbaar

Sent: Friday, November 25, 2005 2:51 AM

Subject: Re: J.F.K.

Hello again Wim,

I got your message last night.Today is our Thanksgiving and I have been busy cooking and getting everything ready for today. Sorry. My Mom said she would love to talk to you. Her name is Del Hester and her phone number is xxxxxxxxxxxx .Let me know how things go.


Cindy Robinson

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