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US vs International Press Release Times

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Greetings to all.

In the movie JFK the character "X" (Donald Sutherland) stated that information was being released in European and other countries earlier than the events actually occurred in the US. The specific instance was regarding the release of Oswald’s identification as the suspected assassin and subsequent arrest prior to LHO’s actual arrest and arraignment. My questions here are did this actually occur as stated in the movie and has anyone ever investigated this line of thought to see if there were in fact discrepancies between US and International information releases?

Best wishes and happy holidays.


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I believe this was looked into by someone from the Dealey Plaza UK group (his name escapes me). He concluded (as I recall) that the timing of the release of the information in New Zealand did not differ from the US timing.

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This is one of many JFK urban legend class items which will likely hang around forever..

Ian Griggs deals with it in great detail in his book No Case To Answer...as well as many other subjects.

His book is ideal for newcomers to this study as it helps considerably in separating the wheat from 40

some years of chaff.

-- Larry

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