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Wang Lam : What has he got on the government?

John Simkin

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Anyone know anything about the Wang Lam case? Lam is a financial trader from London who was arrested in Switzerland and charged with the murder of an 86-year-old man, Allan Chapelow. He is due to appear on trial at the Old Bailey. However, what is strange about the case is that MI6 is applying pressure on the Brown government to try the case in secret. The Crown Prosecution Service has gone along with this request. Why? One clue could be that Lam’s defence is being organized by Kirsty Brimelow and Geoffrey Robertson. They were also the people who were involved in the Matrix Churchill case. In that case defendants were cleared of charges of arms dealings with Iraq, after disclosure of their links with British intelligence. Is it possible that Wang Lam has been involved in negotiating arms deals for the British government? Maybe he is threatening to disclose information about Blair’s relationship with BAE Systems?

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This is Dr Geoffrey Robertson QC of 'OZ' (and other) fame. Something of a personality in Australia. Sharp Intellect. Seems a good bloke. See if he'll join the Forum?


His involvement is often in diverse British Commonwealth member countries issues (in between being thought provoking and amusing TV personality) etc, and such as investigations of gun running in Antigua and the USofA.

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