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Questions Regarding the book "My God, I'm Hit!|

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I have heard that, in your book, you hypothesize that President Kennedy was shot by someone hidden in the trunk of the limo.

Please confirm that this is so or advise.

Thank you.




No, I DO NOT hypothesize a shooter planted in the trunk of the IOOX aimed a gun at JFK as he was sitting in the right rear passenger seat.

After 44 years of living the drama and six months of intense daily investigation, I clearly layout, detail and thread together what I feel and believe happened in the IOOX on Elm Street in my book.

Interestingly, John Costella and I completed the same line of investigation regarding the Elm Street eyewitness but my research includes the diary entry of the key and Rosetta Stone Elm Street eyewitness June Dishong and his research does not. Both John and I did not know we were completing the same line of investigation until I sent him an early manuscript of my book.

If an individual wants a three dimensional view of what did occur and did not occur on Elm Street and a thorough breakdown and analysis of the Abraham Zapruder film:

1. Read and view the book and documentary by Jack White titled The Great Zapruder Film Hoax

2. Read the PDF file by John Costella titled What Happened on Elm Street? THE EYEWITNESSES SPEAK

Go to http://assassinationresearch.com/v5n1/v5n1costella.pdf

3. Read my book titled "My God, I'm Hit!" - Investigating the Kennedy Incident on Elm Street From the Diagonal.


This three dimensional investigation into the incident on Elm Street provides the individual a real dose of reality and exposes the lies, illusions and farce that have been promoted over the past 44 years.

Brian David Andersen

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Hi Brian,

I have a few questions for you.

In the course of your pyramid research, did you become familair with the work of Peter Thompkins - author of Secret Life of Plants and a book on the pyramids?

And as a former student at the University of Missouri school of journalism who has written a book about the Kennedy assassination, are you familair with another former University of Missouri school of journalism who met with Oswald in USSR?


Bill Kelly

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