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Student's question: Single Bullet Theory

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Thanks a lot for all these posts! That was really interesting to read and I think that this topic seems a bit less confusing to me, although it does stay interesting. ;)

Can I ask a follow-up question? In his post Mr Simkin posted the following phrase of Cyril Wecht: ''I believe that Gov. John Connally was struck by a bullet, and I believe that another bullet completely missed the car. I think that there were four shots most probably fired. I eagerly await with extreme anticipation the results of the consulting firm that I understand your committee has retained in Boston, Bolt, Beranek & Newman, concerning their interpretative studies of the motorcycle policeman's tape from that day; as to whether or not they have definitely found evidence of four shots having been fired.''

What were the results of this study? Was there evidence found about the number of shots? (I know, Mr White asked not to ask about the number of shots, as that would be an essay-type question, but what about just this particular study? What conclusion was reached there? And where could I find these results?)

And thank you very much one more time, that was really fascinating reading!

Eugenia...GOOGLE will answer nearly any question you have.

For instance, type in ACOUSTICS REPORT HSCA and you will have

179 choices to read. In fact, click on this and you can find the

entire HSCA report:


Jack White :)

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Q1) Presidential protection, buildings, open windows:

From what I have read, one of the typical duties of the secret service, when protecting the President, would be to pay particular attention to open windows along a motorcade route. It is impossible to put a SS man in each window on a route, but it is possible to be alert and pay attention to open windows with spectators on the route.

Here's a short extract from Clint Hill's testimony. In fact this is available from the



Arlen Specter: And what building is it?

Clinton Hill: It is the Texas School Book Depository.

Arlen Specter: Now, does that building appear on the Commission Exhibit No. 354?

Clinton Hill: Yes, sir; it does.

Arlen Specter: Did you have any occasion to notice the Texas School Book Depository Building as you proceeded in a generally northerly direction on Houston Street?

Clinton Hill: Yes, sir. It was immediately in front of us and to our left.

Arlen Specter: Did you notice anything unusual about it?

Clinton Hill: Nothing more unusual than any other building along the way.

Arlen Specter: What is your general practice, if any, in observing such buildings along the route of a Presidential motorcade?

Clinton Hill: We scan the buildings and look specifically for open windows, for people hanging out, and there had been, on almost every building along the way, people hanging out, windows open.

Arlen Specter: And did you observe, as you recollect at this moment, any open windows in the Texas School Depository Building?

Clinton Hill: Yes, sir; there were.

Arlen Specter: Are you able to recollect specifically which windows were open at this time?

Clinton Hill: No, sir; I cannot.

Q2) Autopsy photos:

As I recall, (other panel members may have a more accurate statements about this) the Warren Commission decided not to include the autopsy photos (or the analysis thereof) in their report. If they had included them they would have become published and available. Their decision, I believe, was based on the same reason which caused the actual autopsy of the President to fail aswell; the sensitivity of the issue at hand and their consideration of the feelings of the Kennedy family.

But maybe the real autopsy photos would have sparked more questions than provided answers, maybe they would have debunked the entire autopsy report. Instead the WC had drawings made (by Rydberg at Bethesda Medical School) which were based on the photos??

According to some reports, during the HSCA investigation, someone broke into a safe that contained the evidence (including the autopsy photos) and apparently stole the photos which were being used by the HSCA, and made copies of them. Some, of these photos have been floating around since about 1980. Some black and white photos were available to researchers in the 1960's.

Here's a little something about the photos from the Lancer site:


Note: On November 23, 1963, James K. Fox, the Secret Service photographic expert, was given the autopsy film holders by JFK's personal physician, Admiral George Burkley, and told to develop them. At that time he made three sets of black and white autopsy photo prints at the Secret Service lab. On November 27, 1963, additional official copies were made at the Naval Processing Center. Copies of these photos were later given to JFK assassination researcher Mark Crouch who then made them available to JFK researchers. In 1992, the autopsy photos were specifically exempted from the JFK Records Act. ARRB Senior Staffer Doug Horne stated at the JFK Lancer 1998 Conference that these unofficial photos are cropped differently and are not as clear as the originals in the National Archives. Viewing the "Fox Set" is the only way this evidence available to the public.

Note: The color photos were obtained by researcher and consultant Robert Groden during the House Select Committee on Assassinations. The X-rays are exhibits from the HSCA hearings and were obtained by JFK Lancer from the National Archives.

I hope this helps. Like Jack White pointed out, you can perform google searches to obtain answers to your questions, if you have trouble, ask us.

When doing research, I would caution you to be skeptical of what is said on the Mcadams site.

Antti Hynonen

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Hello to everyone! :clapping

I was recently reading some information about JFK assasination and was particularly interested by the Single Bullet Theory, perhaps because this topic seemed to me very controversial and quite confusing.

As far as I understood, the statement by Warren Commission that so called ''Magic bullet'' wounded JFK in the throat and also Connally in the shoulder, is now believed false if the President and Connally were sitting at relatively same heigths, one in front of the other. The reason is that if bullet was fired from the Book Depository, it would have such a flight path that it would not hit Connally. (Correct me, please if I am wrong, I may have misread the information).

So, can we suggest that the bullet that wounded both the President and Connally was still one, but was fired from the Grassy Knoll? I read that some witnesses claimed to see/hear the shots from there too, but would it be the right trajectory and is there any evidence that would prove it?

Thank you very much! :lol:

Background details of the people answering this questions can be found at:


The origional bullet was entered into evidence as WC CE-399 which possesses 6 lands and grooves which no Carcano rifle possesses. The origional bullet I believe was fired from a Mannlicker Shoenauer Sniper Rifle And Planted at the crime scene. I have extensive articles posted on this subject which are available but if you want to contact me directly you are welcome to do so.

Best Regards,

John Ritchso

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Dale Myers 3D animation response Part Two

Look at the first attachment in this post. When an overlay was done of the actual Zapruder frame that corresponded to that created by Dale Myers - please note the John Connally sitting height to the cross bar in the Myers animation against the same in the actual Zapruder film. This should give a good idea as to the amount of error that is going on in an animation that has said we should believe in the SBT.

The next attachment shows some parallel references found in Myers 3D animation. These were shown in reference to the vanishing point discussion in the Part One post.

Anyone wanting to know more about Myers animation and the critiques pertaining to it can type in the name "Dale Myers 3D animation" in the Lancer forum search engine to find the threads pertaining to this topic.


Meyer's replied to that contention:


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