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A Level Chemistry E-Mail List??

Guest Adrian Dingle

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Guest Adrian Dingle

I'm a member of a listerv for AP Chemistry here in the US, anyone know of a list specifically for A Level Chemistry based in the UK? Thanks.

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Put on The Education Forum July 24th 2004 Adrian Dingle A links

An email list may be a good idea BUT listing good sites is also I do my best to find and list good sites, sorted from hundreds and hundreds at ...


and at the end of page ....

http://www.wpbschoolhouse.btinternet.co.uk...ev/AQAindex.htm which was written for my GCSE students.

(and also page06, page07 and page12 which were for my Salters A level Chemistry students)

I also try to link what I've written to any GCSE/IGCSE course containing chemistry! at


BUT unfortunately it takes time to review and assess sites for their worth.

Far too many links sites just list and list for ever without real appraisal.

Also, I get very little feedback, particularly from busy teachers, as to how they or their students use my own site because FEEDBACK MAKES ME CHANGE THINGS and I invite via email on every page. The current 'debate' is on animations in quiz Q's, distracting or makes the page more colourful or lively, PLEASE have your say????

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