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The Oswald File

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Yesterday as I surfed the net I came across an interesting site that told of an official file which had been found in an attic of a house that was previously owned by John Tower, the file that they talk about was Towers and in it was a handwritten letter asking for his assistance in getting back to the U.S from Russia, (penned by L.H.Oswald and also saying that he was being held against his will in Russia.)

The other documents in this file were either penned by Tower or his contacts within the government all pertaining to Oswald before and after the assassination. (All of these documents were authenticated by a third party)

The new owner of the Tower house found it in their attic and decided that it might be worth something and so they turned it over to an auction site and that was the end of what I could find out about it, does anybody know anything about if it sold or how much the auction made for this file?

Thanks, Scott

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