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An Old Man and his BS

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My time is short. However I did want to post this for those who may be interested.

(1) I had nothing to do with my reported DEATH. Police reports are available for those who want to take the time to check. My home in NM was broken into and computers were stolen and all the passwords were on those computers. Some weeks later one of the computers was found in ABQ new Mexico in a Pawn shop.. (police report to that effect) On the date after my friends death, Tim Carroll, the noticed was posted as to my DEATH. It was said posted by my brother, who is a retired DPD Sgt;. Narcotics Div. He was with the Dallas PD for over 35 years before being honorable retired from Service.. I am very am proud of him, my little brother.. .. (...another swig from my Rum and Coke, Thanks....., I'm back)

I do not expect you to understand any of this. But with your indulgence, I will continue:.

I did not report my death as some of you have said. Those who know me know I would not do that.

I can not disprove a negative...,nor will I try. I was asked by many people on this forum to come back and post. I did. If the information I have locked up inside me is of no value in this search for truth..., then that is O.K. with me. But it can't be said I did not try. There is nobody going to kill me... for what I know.., or think I know..., In fact its the other way around.. They had better make sure I do not even stump my toe.... because what I have said in the past will be proven and confirm my "Wild Tails"..

I believe in the work that this forum is doing and its members. That is why I became a member. And I give a Thumbs Up to John Simkin for his dedication and that of his crew. And in my way have tried to help the community as a whole in its search for truth in reference to JFK and that tragic event on that bad day in America's history.. For me, It has been difficult.

(I'm going to fix another Rum and Coke and try to make sense..., forgive me)

Thank You. .....,.I'm Back. (That's three and I don't drink anymore.., or less..., at least at my age... that was a #3... Kay would shoot me if she knew I was doing this)

But, to me this is very important as it was with Tim Carroll and Jay Harrison before they took the "Old Check Ride" with God.. (One more for a toast to them)

I'm Back: I think:

I am trying to gather recently released documents and assimilate them into some kind off order which proves what I have stated for over forty years. I am the last of the breed. Hunt is gone. Sturges is gone,WarBarbell is gone..., "Wild Bill" Harvey, is gone, Roselle is gone, Giacana, is gone, Martino, is gone, Varona is gone, Justo Carrilo is gone, Bill Morgan is gone..., Fuller is gone..., Paul Huges is gone, Sullivan as well...(forgive my typos and spelling...but I'm under doctors care at this moment and stupid and crazy... I admit it or I would not be doing this) (downed..., #4..thanks)

Damn right they are going to kill me.., they are jocking into position as I type this. The only thing I have going for me is what I have said in the past. Paranoid? Perhaps. None the less, its info before the Fact (my reading glasses just quit working)... Perhaps.... Who cares? Only Kathy. My lady Kay knows the real story.., However, she does not know what I know deep down... it can't be verberlized) I signed on in a black envoirment long ago.., not really knowing the GAME .... and as the years piled up on me, I became aware, you can't get out..., you can't get out even if you wanted to..

many and this Forum.... that's OK... I am not responsibility for your ignorance or what you think or where you come from in life.. You have no I deal how this Game is played.

(One more and I'll get back to the basics) Pardon me I have to PEEE.., damn I wish I could spell, but they did not teach that to me in the School of the America back in those days. They taught other matters, of which others would not understand. (GOD this is GOOD). One more, and I'll continue.... of course, with your indulgence.

I really don't know where I am going with this... I am an old man... just reaching out... who claims to have a story and wants to tell it before he dies..... there have been at last check Ride in the Sky......(#5..., on the way... please forgive..., got to let my dogs out to PEE And... OH... I can't say that word... sorry...... I'm back... Thank You)

Where was I? Oh Yes.., I remember... No where...Ha.... the story of my BS life... I will continue with my Ramble with your indulgence... I am a phonetic speller and even that does not work sometimes.... thank God for spell check..., but I cant find it)) This will never stay posted, even if it gets posted... its to rabbling and says nothing.... please forgive...

#1 I saw JFK get his head blown off. I was there. I know a team failed in their mission... that has hurt me for over forty years in spite of what you might think.

#2 I know how the team got into Dallas out of Dallas and why they were there in the first place. AND They were NOT an Assin Team, as some you have stated on this forum.

#3 I know what was going on in Dallas and Texas before it happen.

#4 I know there is a "Clean-Up crew THAT USED TO BE OPERATIVE to make sure that what I and others know never sees the light of day.... they are OLD like me.... but they are still around... but not connected with the government today and Never was associated with CIA or Military Operations. They roll around in their ‘Wheel chairs and spout BS stories about their 15 minutes of fame and cling to a memory that lingers in their imaginations of things they wish they were a part of, but could never meet the grade or complete the sacrifice required.

#6 and I am out of here..... what you do with this and my past information; I don't really care.

The truth about JFK is about to explode... and I mean that in the most nicest way.. (should not use that phrase today) because that is a reason for THEM to kill me. Ha... so long... I have to PEE again and "Snowflake" my puppy just pissed on the carpet.... and Kay is going to shoot me when she gets home...

Thanks for letting me vent.... I do appreciate that... and I do wish all of you who search for the truth the very best.... your friend Tosh

P.S. You Know What? I have not said a damm thing in this message.... sorry. Much like some who post on this forum..


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He somehow knew of two men standging in the shadow of the large tree near the steps on the S. Knoll and claims to be one of them. I have a computer enhancement here that indeed shows two people there holding various objects.

Peter, could you post that photo of the 2 men in the shadow of the tree? I didn't know there were steps on the South Knoll.


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