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Dig Exploring the Contortions of High NoonUS 1962ish Liberalism?

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This show is unbelivable for many reasons, chief amongs em is it shows the limits and envelope pushings of JFK era American liberalism.

The shows were directed by real movie directors back then.

You get to see almost every american actor from both earlier and later movie careers.

BEST OF ALL IS THE SHOW WAS SHOT LIVE ON LOCATION IN NYC! You get to see a zillion streets you recognize if you have been here(although it has way added dignificance for those who have lived here for a time, i mean before it was entirely corporatized.)

THe writing is outstanding.

I just saw the most incredible show about a right wing ex military type who had no respect for municipal LIBERAL governmtnts and it mixed it in with how he treated his teenage daughter and the youth hooligan issue (yes the hooligans who threatened his virtuous daughter were decpicted as Italian-Americanlooking still harkening back to 1920s style nativism) This SHOW aired practically the very week of the Walker incident! A CLEAR AND FASCINATING mass-culture reference to Birch types, as interesting for its limits as for its point of view!

If you get this be sure and get the episode with Burgess Meredith called HOLD FOR GLORIA CHRISTMAS. Burgess as a washed out poet trying to be hipster with Beatnicks in 1961. Amazing perforamance shot on location!

Anyone in need of a PHD in history, there is one in these shows that you could write in 111/2 minutes!

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