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Reply to those " Wantabees" who want to keep this "debate??" going.....

"...Sir I respect your tours of duty (if any) and your military lineage. And I respect your opinions of me. If it makes you feel better to slam me and infer I am a xxxx and have never done or been what I say..., then that is O.K. too. I am not here to prove anything to you. However, for you to talk about medals, law, and the likes and apply all that to establish your self serving maner as fact so as to cover your false observations about something you know nothing about, is the mark of a very stupid man.

I could question your motives and I too could get into a pisxxing match with you on various matters... but you would not comprehend and would keep rattling about matters you know nothing about...... I will not justified my existence to you or anybody... so you keep on turning and churning and calling "white black" and "black white" the likes.... It makes no difference to me.

Sir I don't give a damn who you are or what you think you know, or What you think you are in your own eyes ..... I do not care what you post and I care less about the information feed to you by those who hide behind their BS and get people like you to wash their dirty linen to cover their tracks and lies. I do know them and too, I know their motives..... Your nose is so brown I can see it from here. I know your type; a hanger on from another planet I believe. Less than a "Wantabee"

If you have something to say to me then say it straight out in one complete sentence. You do not have to back it up.., just say it..... I respect your views, but being the type person you are, I do not expect you to respect me or my life. So be it.

You go on and suck up this space and others time with your views and your so called expertise and self serving manner. That is ok with me. But if you have to do it... do it professional. Better yet I will say it for you...

I'm full of Crap.. (Oh you said that) I have never done the things I have said and proven... OH Yes, You Said That. I did not prove anything its all lies and fabrications in your view. Right? OH you said that or implied that.... You have established your point.

Now would you care to contribute constructively to the research of this Forum and its search for the truth of the JFK assassination?.. Would you care to record your views pro and con and put them out their for others to review and question you on?. Do you have an opinion about this case and can you contribute something factual and constructive perhaps even documented, one way or the other?.... or are you just the type that does not have an opinion?... You have an opinion about me and go to pains to express it.... Can you go through that same 'pain" and time, to put your thoughts down on this subject for the members of this forum to evaluate? I think not...its easier to slam me and others and create a false illusion of smoke and mirrors. I have wasted enough time with the likes of you.... I have to move on... you have shown me nothing. When it comes to OPS your less than nothing... and so is your friend...

I will continue to be of what help I can for the members of this forum... and you too, if you would let me... If I can be of no help in your view, then thats ok also....

I told someone I would come back on this forum because I was asked.... Its some like you who like to suck the air and pull us away into a never never land.. Well I will not go with you. I know who is leading you and why.

I would like to go forward with meaningfull reaearch instead of this back and forth crap... I know? I will noy answer the hard questions as you say... but some still want me to continue my ramble and BS... You have made your point..... but I do not think you have destoried my credibility regardless how hard you have tried... I can bring it all together, I assure you... once I get past you clowns and those other "Gatekeepers", who have to protect their lies and falsehoods at the expense of good honest researchers and people.

Edited by William Plumlee
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