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New Plans for Long-Term Colonization of Iraq

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It looks as if there are some efforts underway to take some of the political blame of the next administration for staying in Iraq. The dems are denouncing it for the record, but how much do you want to bet the real powerborkers are cooperating in a bipartisan buckpassing in secret?

What you don't think Pelossi, Reid and Co would be so two-faced? Have you been asleep for the last fifteen months?



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Guest David Guyatt

According to Dr Michael Hudson, the US long term presence in Iraq is to ensure US military control of the mid-east oil reserves so that they can continue to blackmail Europe, Russia, China etc., into maintaining their current levels of investment of surplus ex-pat dollars back into the US deficit via US Treasury instruments. The important point he makes is that the rest of the world, de facto, finance US imperialism via this financial/trade balance mechanism.

It's not an unimportant point.

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