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An underrated member of the JBS was the University of Illinois professor of philology Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, who wrote:

"In memoriam aeternam

"Rational men will understand that, far from sobbing over the deceased or lying to placate his vengeful ghost, it behooves us to speak of him with complete candor and historical objectivity. Jack was not sanctified by a bullet.

"The defunct Kennedy is the John F. Kennedy who procured his election by peddling boob-bait to the suckers, including a cynical pledge to destroy the Communist base in Cuba. He is the John F. Kennedy with whose blessing and support the Central Intelligence Agency staged a fake 'invasion' of Cuba designed to strengthen our mortal enemies there and to disgrace us — disgrace us not only by ignominious failure, but by the inhuman crime of having lured brave men into a trap and sent them to suffering and death. He is the John F. Kennedy who, in close collaboration with Khrushchev, staged the phony 'embargo' that was improvised both to befuddle the suckers on election day in 1962 and to provide for several months a cover for the steady and rapid transfer of Soviet troops and Soviet weapons to Cuba for eventual use against us. He is the John F. Kennedy who installed and maintained in power the unspeakable Yarmolinsky-McNamara gang in the Pentagon to demoralize and subvert our armed forces and to sabotage our military installations and equipment. He is the John F. Kennedy who, by shameless intimidation, bribery, and blackmail, induced weaklings in Congress to approve treasonable acts designed to disarm us and to make us the helpless prey of the affiliated criminals and savages of the 'United Nations.'

"I have mentioned but a few of the hundred reasons why we shall never forget John F. Kennedy. So long as there are Americans, his memory will be cherished with execration and loathing. If the United States is saved by the desperate exertions of patriots, we may have a future of true greatness and glory — but we will never forget how near we were to total destruction in the year 1963. And if the international vermin succeed in completing their occupation of our country, Americans will remember Kennedy while they live, and will curse him as they face the firing squads or toil in brutish degradation that leaves no hope for anything but a speedy death...."

(From "MARXMANSHIP IN DALLAS" by Professor Revilo P. Oliver, published in American Opinion, February 1964.)


It's interesting though not surprising how so many people (including highly-respected 2007 Education Forum Award winners) are under the impression that Senator Obama is a Muslim. He seems a bit more "well-rounded" than that, which is so alien and unpalatable in the United States that I guess he might as well be Muslim......


Many people believe President Kennedy took us close to nuclear war, including Gore Vidal. But they should read Brothers by David Talbot. Kennedy had a very difficult time with his military joint chiefs, like Curtis Le May. These military officials were demanding of Kennedy to bomb Cuba with nuclear weapons. He said NO. His presidency was very rough. These men hated him, but Kennedy stood tall and would not give in. I would go ahead and say, imo, that the assassination stemmed from their quarters. I think the Military killed Kennedy and were financed by Texas Oil and taught new tricks by the CIA.

Please read Brothers.

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[quote name='Terry Mauro' post='136131' date='Feb 6 2008, 01:38 AM'

Well, I think I'll just take this opportunity to cut across party lines and vote for Ron Paul, American Independent that I am.

At least his take on The Federal Reserve echoes mine, and hopefully he might be able to really get something done. That is, unless someone decides to put a bullet through his head, or character assassinate him, a la Bill Clinton style. I'm pro-choice, but I won't allow that small issue to get in the way. Not if he's able to pull off what he's claiming to try and accomplish.

Anyhow, your vote only really matters when it involves issues on a local level, such as state, county, or city. And, even then you've got to watch your back. Especially with regard to the state.

When you really come right down to it, it's still the same old story since the late 60's. 1 party - 2 branches, and Wall Street rules.

Yes, if Ron Paul got close and wanted to change the Federal Reserve, he'd be a dead man. Will never happen. Not if the likes of Clint Murchison III can, imo, kill his ex-wife, mother of his children, and walk away from it a free man. Does anyone think they'd hesitate in killing Obama or Ron Paul?


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I think the Military killed Kennedy and were financed by Texas Oil and taught new tricks by the CIA.

Please read Brothers.

It's hard to imagine any conspiracy model which doesn't include the military industrial complex.

As mentioned here on the Forum and numerous other places, LBJ's issuing of NSAM 273 one day after JFK's burial reeks of symbolism. Why the big rush? His next NSAM was December 20--a full 24 days later.

NSAM 273 superseeded JFK's more ambiguous NSAM 263 and was basically a declaration of war on North Vietnam and the communist ideology.

Paragraph 5 is the one I find particularly fascinating. Ostensibly aimed at assisting in changing the beliefs of the people of the Mekong Delta, it sanctions control of the Delta, its hamlets and productivity, and uses curious words about the proceeds being used to combat 'anti-communist' forces. Of course, the plain English translation is, 'we're setting up a large scale illicit drug industry here and some of the money will go towards CIA activities--so it's good for America'.

NSAM 273:


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'They will kill Obama if he becomes US president': Outcry over Nobel Prize winner's assassination warning

British Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing caused uproar last night by predicting the assassination of Barack Obama if he becomes the first black U.S. president.

Full Story

Maybe we should invite old Dori to the forum? :)


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