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John Roselli and Robert Plumlee

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Taken from another thread which has become contaminated with clutter:

In reply to a post by Robert Howard......... thank you Robert for the leadin:

QUOTE(Robert Howard @ Jan 29 2008, 05:18 AM)

There is a document on William Plumlee in JFK Assassination files relating to John Martino, I am afraid it will not satisfy the allegations and charges being tossed back and forth.....



Thanks Robert. I think the following FBI document should be added to the FBI file above. Notice how negative information is not sanitized, but some of the secret matters on other documents are sanitized and still classified... such as the Mc Cord Ranch, The Grace Ranch of Tucson... The trip to Galveston Texas with aircraft...Who was on board that aircraft and why were they going to Galveston Texas.?.. And too, we can't forget about the "Thunderbird Inn" in Las Vegas... and too, Santa Barbra California to see Holt...Why?. Of course this thread will never get to this stage of research because it will drift into clutter with matters of no value to the facts of what I was involved with in those days, or posted today... Again notice this document and too, notice that ALL my FBI files went to the Director himself J Edgar Hoover... HUMMMMMM





Also note the following file was also withheld from the FOIA request of 1993 and concerned ongoing investigations into Iran/Contra and the Mexico CIA Thing of 1989-90: (ref; Senate Hearings and testimony 1990-91...ref; Senator G. Hart and Senator J Kerry)



(note; I received an Email asking who Roselli was in reference to FBI 62-2116 "The Roselli/Plumlee" file.)



note: FBI released 120 pages through FOIA in 1999 after a six year appeal fight. These files 1999 differ from the ones released in 1981. However it was said in 1993 there were no files on my FOIA request. Some of the sanitized sections in these 120 pages concern National Security as stated and marked.

(note: 7 pages found within this FBI 62-2116 are classified and the other three pages are sanitized totally blacked out at request of NSC National Security. note: the file number on Plumlee is the same file number as Roselli.... "The Plumlee/Roselli File" as some make reference.. Additional pages of this file are under another FBI number and has recently been declassified. That is a CIA file number. Plumlee was NOT the source of that information. It came from Military Intel; Pentagon.

Notice the FBI said they had "No Files or information as to Plumlee's FOIA request". However, some years later a few files were released... and a few months later a few more were released. Last year, more files were released for a total of over 400 pages and still counting. To me this raises a question: WHY and Who in the FBI tampered with the Plumlee FBI file? What would be the motive for this? Why would Hoover himself even be interested in this information? Why are the positive information of the Plumlee FBI file sanitized and the negative information stated by the FBI not sanitized?

The FBI stated I wrote checks all over the USA. However, "...No Checks could be found written by Plumlee...". as referenced within FBI Lab report.

I will help.... if I am allowed. Some out there know I can blow them and their stories out of the water. That leads to motivation on their part to see that this does not happen. Plumlee has to be discredited to protect their fabrications and falsehoods; and the disinformation that has been planted through out the years. And too, because these planted falsehoods have been written about in books... that makes these self serving statements true as the publics view as they are lead into believing falsehoods as Facts.

And Now on with my story.., if I am allowed...

These released documents as well as the recently CIA declassified information as well as documentation released from the Pentagon should be of interest in reference to JFK and that day. (detailed and referenced in book Deep Cover Shallow Graves)

I would like to start a New Thread on this But it too would soon be taken away into never never land..and anything I would have to say would be clouded and lost in the clutter... This is the reason for my book... " Deep Cover Shallow Graves".. I did not want to write this damn book but I was asked my many to restart the project. Even Jay Harrison wanted to see this book... But the United States Government at one point did not want to see it in print... Things have changed to some degree today and its a 'Look See" if you get my drift... It does have a chapter called "The Texas Connection".

Thanks again.

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