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Nader forms exploratory committee

John Geraghty

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Here are my scribblings from another forum

(Responding to someone saying that he may get Democrat votes)

I think that if you ask the average Nader voter, they will say that they simply wouldn't have turned up on election day had he not been in the race.

Is he running Green or independent? If he is running for the Greens, then that makes in an interesting race between himself and Cynthia McKinney. It would be a good ticket if they ran in any order, but I feel that they would both feel that they deserve the spotlight in their own right.

Nader spoke at the Green party debate, but not with other candidates because of some technicality or another (it was by his choosing).

I know I speak in the minority here, but the U.S. badly needs a third and fourth party. A lot of people that would like to vote Green/Nader/McKinney will not do so for fear of handing the election to the Republicans (though I don't think that was the case in 2000).

The ideal scenario would be if either Bloomberg or Paul ran a third party campaign, as polls show that this would hurt the Republicans, thus levelling the field and alleviating voters concerns over handing the white house over to McCain (I assume that it will be he that takes the nomination).

Who knows, if we're lucky, we could see the beginnings of a third and fourth minority party.

For the sake of democratic choice I hope that Nader runs with McKinney on the Green ticket (to establish a viable left wing alternative) and either Bloomberg or paul run (to give a right libertarian alternative).

I'm keeping my eye on this, it could well be a big story in the election to come.

(Responding to someone that doesn't think that this will matter because of the first past the post system)

It's not just about having a viable presidential candidate every four years, it is about building a party structure that can contest state senate and local elections with the ultimate goal of returning Green/Libertarian members of Congress. You have to start somewhere and a high profile Presidential run is the best place. You get a huge influx of volunteers for presidential campaigns that will then campaign locally.

For this, the Greens will be relying on Democratic defections like Cynthia McKinney. The next targets will be Dennis Kucinich should he be unseated in the house Democratic primary (Nobody runs against sitting members of Congress unless the party wants them out). Other members from California and members of the Progressive Caucus would be targets, people like Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee and Senator Bernie Sanders.

It is a long term strategy, of course they won't win the white house, it is about establishing a party base

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I'm answering my own question here with regards to Nader being a Green or not, but he will be taking part in another Green debate in Washington D.C.

It is being held in Busboys and Poets, a bookshop/cafe. It's such a nice place, it was one of my favourite hangouts in D.C. They hold a lot of meetings for organisations such as Answer, Trans-Africa forum, world can't wait (an impeachment group) and a lot of others. If you are ever in D.C. I highly recommend it.


DC / Maryland / Virginia Forum

Saturday, February 2, 2008

10:00 am

Busboys & Poets

14 th and V Streets, NW

Washington, DC


Jared Ball *

Jesse Johnson

Cynthia McKinney *

Kent Mesplay

Ralph Nader **

Kat Swift *


Metro (Greenline):U Street/African American Civil War Memorial stop 14th Street bus lines (52, 53, 54)

Two blocks from 16th Street bus lines (S2, S4)

Street Parking

Sponsored by the DC Statehood Green Party, Maryland Green Party and Virginia Green Party


Tom or Tamar Yager - 703-524-2187 greenyager@gmail.com

*Invited but attendance not confirmed at time of printing.

** Not a declared candidate as of printing. Invited but attendance not confirmed

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