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I have a history site at http://www.dailypast.com

As you can see, the site consists of articles on historical events presented as current affairs.

I am looking for content writers with knowledge in any area of history. I will pay £10/$15 per article to those willing to inject their knowledge and enthusiasm into whichever subject area tickles their fancy. As long as the event written about is "historically significant", that's fine.

- strict copyright checks will be made to ensure not even one sentence has been lifted from elsewhere on the web. No payment will be made for articles containing ANY copyright infringements. I am sure the people on this forum take copyright issues seriously as many have published themselves.

- copyright of articles will pass to me on delivery although authors will retain permission to publish their own articles elsewhere. Any contributors will, of course, be mentioned on the site as having contributed.

Ideally, I would like to find a couple of authors with whom I could feel comfortable working with in the longer term. Anyone with good knowledge of a particular field of history can produce a quality article of the requisite length in less than an hour. But it is important that articles contain the flavour and immediacy of those already present on the site including devices such as use of quotations and the site correspondents. Article length will be between 600 and 1000 words. I would advise anyone interested in this opportunity to navigate the site for a while to get a good idea for what is already there.

If anyone is interested in earning a little extra cash, please either reply here in the forum or e-mail me at the address which is available on the site.



ps...sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in

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