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West Ham Ratings

John Simkin

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West Ham player ratings so far this season. Most players are based on over 250 individual ratings from 12 newspapers and West Ham websites.

1. Rob Green (6.804)

2. Scott Parker (6.650)

3. Mark Noble (6.577)

4. Matthew Upson (6.568)

5. Kieron Dyer (6.500)

6. Craig Bellamy (6.471)

7. Lee Bowyer (6.353)

8. Anton Ferdinand (6.342)

9. John Pantsil (6.333)

10. George McCartney (6.300)

11. Danny Gabbidon (6.300)

12. Matthew Etherington (6.294)

13. Norbet Solano (6.291)

14. Hayden Mullins (6.287)

15. Fredrik Ljungberg (6.250)

16. Carlton Cole (6.240)

17. Dean Ashton (6.227)

18. Lucas Neill (6.190)

19. Jonathan Spector (5.930)

20. James Collins (5.833)

21. Luis Boa Morte (5.800)

22. Henri Camara (5.057)


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If you insisted in players having to play at least ten games you get the following ranking:

1. Rob Green (6.804)

2. Mark Noble (6.577)

3. Matthew Upson (6.568)

4. Lee Bowyer (6.353)

5. Anton Ferdinand (6.342)

6. George McCartney (6.300)

7. Matthew Etherington (6.294)

8. Hayden Mullins (6.287)

9. Fredrik Ljungberg (6.250)

10. Carlton Cole (6.240)

11. Dean Ashton (6.227)

12. Lucas Neill (6.190)

13. Jonathan Spector (5.930)

14. Luis Boa Morte (5.800)

This seems to be a much fairer reflection on player performances. What is interesting is the low-rankings of Lucas Neill and Dean Ashton. I suspect that if Curbs had not paid so much money for him he would have been dropped by now. It is also surprising that Luis Boa Morte has played so many games this season.

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West Ham player ratings so far this season. Most players are based on over 250 individual ratings from 12 newspapers and West Ham websites.

Rob Green (6.766)


Scott Parker (6.650)


Matthew Upson (6.533)


Mark Noble (6.520)


Kieron Dyer (6.500)


Craig Bellamy (6.471)


Lee Bowyer (6.353)


John Pantsil (6.333)


Danny Gabbidon (6.300)


Matthew Etherington (6.294)


George McCartney (6.259)


Anton Ferdinand (6.243)


Hayden Mullins (6.230)


Carlton Cole (6.222)


Norbet Solano (6.221)


Fredrik Ljungberg (6.187)


Dean Ashton (6.173)


Lucas Neill (6.129)


Jonathan Spector (5.930)


James Collins (5.833)


Luis Boa Morte (5.720)


Bobby Zamora (5.350)


Henri Camara (5.057)


Julien Faubert (4.900)


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West Ham like most clubs is currently conducting polls to identify the player of the year. I am not sure this is a very scientific process. All supporters have their prejudices. Another problem is that supporters are too much influenced by recent games and find it difficult to make accurate decisions about the whole season.

I have attempted to carry out a more scientific assessment by using the ratings of 12 different newspapers and websites. Therefore, those who have played in most games have over 400 different ratings. The full list plus ratings for each individual game can be found here:


The figures are distorted by those players who have only featured in a few games. My final list is therefore based on those players who have played in at least 15 games. The top six are as follows:

Rob Green (6.725)

Mark Noble (6.511)

Matthew Upson (6.486)

Scott Parker (6.440)

Matthew Etherington (6.294)

George McCartney (6.266)

I think this is a fair assessment of the performances this season. The stats are even more revealing about the bottom six of players who have played in more than 15 games:

Anton Ferdinand (6.118)

Carlton Cole (6.117)

Lucas Neill (6.106)

Fredrik Ljungberg (6.065)

Jonathan Spector (5.825)

Luis Boa Morte (5.528)

It is amazing to me that Boa Morte has played in so many matches this season. Lucas Neill has also done well not to be dropped at some time in the season.

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