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Student Questions : Life and Death of JFK

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So far the following questions have been asked:

(Q1) What evidence is there that JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam?


(Q2) Was JFK about to ‘drop’ Lyndon Johnson (in November, 1963)? If so, why?


(Q3) Was JFK aware of the plots to kill Castro? If so, did he do anything to try and stop them?


(Q4) How do people in America today view JFK? Is he seen as a hero? Is his reputation growing/declining? Why?


(Q5) Was it obligatory at that time (November, 1963) for the SS to check all the buildings that the President's car was going to pass? If yes, is there any evidence whether it was done or not?


(Q6) Were the autopsy photos actually published? And if yes, were they analysed by any other organisations except the Warren Commission?


(Q7) It's been argued that Lyndon B. Johnson justified his involvement with the assassination because he wanted to prevent a Third World War. However, to what extent does the evidence available suggest his involvement? After all, he is said to have destroyed most of the evidence that would have implicated him with the assassination.


(Q8) As far as I understood, the statement by Warren Commission that so called ''Magic bullet'' wounded JFK in the throat and also Connally in the shoulder, is now believed false if the President and Connally were sitting at relatively same heigths, one in front of the other. The reason is that if bullet was fired from the Book Depository, it would have such a flight path that it would not hit Connally. (Correct me, please if I am wrong, I may have misread the information). So, can we suggest that the bullet that wounded both the President and Connally was still one, but was fired from the Grassy Knoll? I read that some witnesses claimed to see/hear the shots from there too, but would it be the right trajectory and is there any evidence that would prove it?


(Q9) Is there clear evidence that the CIA and the mafia worked together? If so, where, how and why?


(Q10) Is there any link between the assassinations of JFK, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy?


(Q11) What were JFK’s plans for the CIA, had he been re-elected?


(Q12) Would JFK have been re-elected? If so, by what kind of margin?


(Q13) How important was JFK’s contribution to the civil rights cause? Did he do more than any President before or since?


(Q14) Why is it then that the assassination of JFK occurred in such an open forum, with masses of potential for it to go wrong, requiring an enormous cover up that could leave the USA government embarrassed for decades if exposed. This leading to the potential of multiple hits on witnesses who may know anything about the operation.

Why was it not done as boat accident, a plane fault, poisoned pills even, (for which the idea was suggested for Castro). As I've read - there are so many better options to assassinate JFK, why would the conspirators, if they were members of such high society, opt for the most difficult assassination option?


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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

Having studied Ancient History - Roman and Greek I was reading an article on the assassination of Julius Caesar on 15th March, 44 BC in which it is claimed that Caesar had an idea, indeed ideas- forebodings - that he would be assassinated. Caesar was once asked how he would like to die. In his answer Caesar said he didn't mind how he died as long as he died quickly and without pain.

It seems that President Kennedy in a discussion on the life and assassination of Abraham Lincoln was asked how he would deal with an assassination attempt on himself. Kennedy replied - like Caesar - that he didn't care if death came as long as it came quickly and without pain.

My question is: Did Kennedy have any feelings or forebodings - premonitions - that he would be assassinated? Did he ever express these feelings to anyone?


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