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An excellent little school in Kent called Chapter is being threatened by the implementation of the government's half baked policy of introducing privately funded Academies in secondary education.

The policy itself is wrong on numerous counts not least as such schools/academies lose their democratic accountability through the authority and just as importantly the complete lack of equal opportunity such marketisation of education creates. So steeped our politicians both local and national now seem in Thatcherite ideology that they are apparently willing to have us believe that we want choice and competition between schools rather than the knowledge that we have a good school in every local area.

I have very fond memories of Chapter School as it was where I started my teaching career. It was then and is now an excellent school with a sound ethos producing good results - both in terms of exams and in terms of the broader education it gives ordinary working class kids.

I would urge teachers to support the campaign to save Chapter School by signing their petition and supporting their blog



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We have three proposed takeovers by the Woodard Corporation who would "desire" a head teacher with Christian principles - so no Jews need apply.

And the fourth takeover is being fought by NAME

Our blog http://www.wsta1.org.uk/labels/Academies.html

The NAME blog http://namecampaign.blogspot.com

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