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Bush brother's ex defends JFK's purported child; UK tabloid slammed

Peter Fokes

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Denise Ryan, Canwest News Service Published: Friday, February 15,


VANCOUVER -- A Bush has come forward in defence of a possible Kennedy.

Sharon Bush, the former wife of President George W. Bush's brother

Neil Bush and a close friend of Jack Worthington, has come forward

exclusively to the Vancouver Sun to speak on his behalf.

"He is a fine man, highly ethical, a man of high integrity," Ms. Bush

said about Worthington, rumoured to be John F. Kennedy's illegitimate

son, in an interview Thursday.

Ms. Bush said she decided to speak out after a British tabloid claimed

Mr. Worthington once tried to flog a book about being an illegitimate

Kennedy offspring and may not be who he claims.

The tabloid is also claiming that Texas birth records show Mr.

Worthington was born in January 1961 -- not, as Mr. Worthington says,

on Nov. 22, two years to the day before John F. Kennedy's


It's just the sort of journalistic "blood sport" Mr. Worthington

wanted to avoid.

Worthington stated simply Thursday that his birth date is a matter of

public record. He also revealed that his sister was born on June 6,

1965, three years to the day before the assassination of Robert F.


Mr. Worthington vehemently denied having ever written, or spoken

publicly, about his possible connection to the Kennedy family.

"It's outrageous. Vanity Fair approached me. They had to woo me for

over six months to work with them on their story, and I only

co-operated on their assurances that my anonymity would be protected."

Mr. Worthington, who moved to the Vancouver area nine months ago, said

he is reeling from the attention his story is getting in the world

media. He plans to come forward soon in an interview with a major U.S.

network to "clear the air."

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Full story here:



Peter Fokes

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