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Steve Thomas

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What I saw as a transcript was NOT believable at all! - either a film treatment script or disinformation extraordinaire! I smell a big fat dead rat in this whole circus.

The transcript more or less mirrors the account of Dallas Attorney, Carroll Jarnagin. You can find his account in CD 86 beginning around page 558.

The DPD Archives has the transcript of a lie detector test administered by Paul Bentley. Bentley's conclusion was that Jarnagin made the whole thing up.

Steve Thomas

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Click on Live webcast

Steve Thomas

Channel 11 archived the news conference in their video library.

You should be able to pick it up here:


Steve Thomas

I was asked some years ago by a Dallas Police Sgt. if I knew anything about this. It has been known about for a number of years. A well known Texas researcher also had information on this before he died. I believe it was first found at about the time of the famous fingerprint and palm print, one of which was found hidden behind some file boxes in the Dallas PD (or Courthouse) basement. Again, that print was not the one referenced in the recent book. (can't recall the name of the book)

When Oliver Stone was going to do a movie on JFK the transcript in question was offered to him for a rather large fee. It was turned down. I was even told that the Dallas FBI had reviewed the transcript and said it was nothing but a script for a movie. This is old stuff and it was held back so as NOT to contaminate the record or perhaps any ongoing investigations by the Dallas PD. There was one pending at the time. The FBI did not even take it for testing. That is how much they thought about it. It was put back into the vault and forgot about. The section quoted as Ruby and Oswald was something H. Wade had mention to friends and potential publishers as he was developing the script. The Dallas PD talked many times to the relatives about this find. And I think they supported the conclutions. Although, I do not speak for them. (some of this is hear say and from second parties discussed some years ago)

There is more to come on this and another find about three or four years ago, involving a fingerprint that matched Wallaces (not the one mentioned in the recent book) This print and background information was found after a water leak in a basement and a remodeling job at the DPD (Ithink I got this right on where it was found) This find is still being investigated by DPD, I have been told this by a very reliable source in the Dallas PD just before he retired. If that (the new fingerprint) is prove true then that will turn some heads in a different direction in reference to the JFK assassination. Anyway, I am sure some will run with this new find of today and try to make some bucks ($) off it. Perhaps we will see it on EBAY soon.

Note: At one point in the Dallas investigation, it was thought that Ruby killed Oswald for the reason found in the transcript and the dialouge was written later to support that theory and sell the movie. (There was nothing sinister on Wades part. He just thought it would make a good movie and because of his connection to the case would be an easy sale... my speculation )

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Found a story and video over at MSN.com about this. Here's the link, if you're interested:


Watch the intrepid reporter talk about "convicted Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald." UGH! Did I miss something? I didn't realize Oswald was ever convicted--oh, wait a minute. I forgot. He didn't even make it to the trial!

Guess she thinks they tried him in absentia. :wacko:

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D.A Craig Watkins....Dallas interview......re documents released from safe , and racial bias....in the 60's.....


on the right.........

He states that they will not be released to the 6th Floor Museum, they are being approached by several.....

They must go somewhere , where all will be accessible to the public.......

He does not know what the documents mean in relation to the assassination......90 to 99% of what the boxes

contain, are to do with the assn.......thousands of pages......

They have been cataloguing them for the past year

they are almost complete.....There is a 1967 movie contract for a million dollars in Henry Wades name, but the movie

was never made..The transcript appears to be from a movie script, I beleieve he said it was two pages.......

......Every Dallas D.A.......has known about the safe since 1963, yet chose to kept them hidden...

The documents will be ready for release this coming Monday.......

The video has now been archived......... http://cbs11tv.com/video/?cid=7


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