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On 4/10/2008 at 10:12 AM, John Hunt said:

Thanks. The ARRB claimed to have found him and that he was a motorcycle cop. The trouble is, he was not a cop and the ARRB got no info from Dallas. If the ARRB did find "Burros/Burroughs", where or where is his interview?? Long story short, Davis Burris remains a witness know only from a previously unpublished photo I found at NARA, and a receipt by Burkley where his mane is likely misspelled (Burros).

John Hunt

PS Burris turned the fragment over to R.L. Studebaker, not Weizmann. The Weitzman fragment was a separate fragment altogether.

R. L. Studebaker's 9/3/1964 interview as reported, his WC testimony nor his HSCA testimony contain any reference to a skull fragment (???)









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