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mob nicknames

Greg Parker

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Nice way to build a data base of everyone who visits the site wouldn't you say...

...and match with one's IP and other statistics.....I'll pass.

Thanks for nothing Peter and David. I have 3,000 units of my patented egg separator to unload. We at O'Malley, O'Reilly & O'Merta of Dublin pride ourselves in our privacy policy!

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I got 'the squealer'.

Indignant, I tried again. This time I'm 'the wishbone'. Much better.

Mark, Mark, Mark... the Mob Nickname Generator doesn't make mistakes. It uses a complex algorithm based on your name, your star sign, credit card number and a bunch of other stuff that for legal reasons, I can't go into. I just tried your name, and it is definitely "The Squealer".

If you have any complaints, please address them to the manager of the Complaints Dept, Mr Frank "The Undertaker" Agbat.

Lee Oswald was Twenty Eyes

Lee Harvey Oswald = The Stare... hmmm

Jack Ruby was Childlike Complexion

Jack Rubenstein = Six Toes... Ruby was actually missing part of a digit...hmmm

Lyndon Johnson was The Yodeler

Well... he was a Texan!

Sam Giancana was The Venetian

Samuel Giancana = The Heartbreaker

Abraham Zapruder was No Mercy

Abe Zapruder = Pants (wasn't he a garment manufacturer?)

Earl Warren was The Self-Toucher

James Garrison = The Merciless

John Hoover = The Knitter

William Fritz = The Umpire

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