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Alleged Jack Ruby connection to Dallas DA Henry Wade

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In the mid-1950s, Ms. McNabb went to work for Mr. Wade when she was 22, and she remained for a decade. She worked as receptionist and a secretary, watching people stream and out of Mr. Wade's office.

One frequent visitor: Jack Ruby, who fatally shot Lee Harvey Oswald as he was being transported to jail after the assassination. Mr. Ruby owned the Carousel, a downtown strip club.

"Ruby was one of the guys who just hung out," Ms. McNabb said. "Nobody paid any attention to him. He came into our office because of hot checks. He tried to give passes to everybody in the office. Nobody went, or at least I didn't."


Mr. Wade personally tried the 1964 murder case against Mr. Ruby. The jury took less than two hours to find Mr. Ruby guilty and sentence him to death.

Profiles on Mr. Wade always mention that he never lost a case he personally prosecuted. His office won convictions in more than 90 percent of the cases it tried.

Since he retired, though, the convictions of more than a dozen men have been overturned because of DNA testing. Many of the faulty convictions occurred during Mr. Wade's tenure.

Ms. McNabb doesn't think the exonerations taint his legacy.

When Mr. Wade retired in 1986, tributes flowed in from around the country. President Reagan sent a congratulatory letter. U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese spoke to 1,300 people at a tribute dinner, calling Mr. Wade "the dean of American prosecutors."


Local mobster hangs out at DA's office. Interesting much?

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