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NSA JFK Records

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If this is supose to be the complete file of JFK assassination records at National Security Agency (NSA), then where are the records we already knew about from published sources?

1) the Scrips Howard News Service (SHNS) report of a Castro Cuban plot to kill President Reagan that mentions the assassination of President Kennedy, which was leaked by NSA a few weeks before Hinkley came out of the woodwork and

2) the records described in the Philadelphia Inquirer by former NSA clerk betrayed by KGB defector V. Mitrokin, who told reporters, when he was arranged in court, that he saw NSA teletypes that mention the real assassin of President Kennedy - Luis Angel Castillo.

Now there's two NSA JFK assassination records we know about from published sources that aren't among the records the NSA released, so how many other records are being with held that we don't know about?


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