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Biography: Steve Mcdonagh

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Steve Mcdonagh – Is a forty year old Irish man currently living in China with his wife who works as head of an overseas department for a large printing group. I myself spent most of my earlier life involved in the construction industry before moving into other areas of general business and management. I have since taken on several ‘short term’ consultancy positions with various international companies and now find myself in the very fortunate position of being able to explore matters of personal interest to me.

I am not as accomplished as many of the current members of this site but I am a keen learner with a methodical yet practical approach. My years in the construction industry taught me to think fast and on my feet, take nothing for granted, never trust any given situation without understanding the facts first and an ability to be creative in my approaches to problem solving. I have a very quizzical mind and will generally ask many questions until I have a full understanding, I am not a person who pretends to know something that I don't and I am a very honest person with a direct and no nonsense attitude.

I used to box when I was younger and have a deep hatred of bullies in any shape/form and often find myself coming to the rescue of some poor soul in distress. I mention this because I see certain things in the world in the same light, an injustice that needs someone to stand up and speak out against.

I obtained my love for reading factual books and unsolved mysteries from my mother who must have read literally thousands of books and articles. I first got interested in JFK after watching a documentary about the JFK assassination and seeing a little boy saluting at his father’s funeral. This touched me deeply.

I would ask only one thing from you all, to please be patient with me if I attempt to contribute or ask questions of you through these forums. Please remember that some of us have a lot of catching up to do and although it may seem like ‘old hat’ to you guys it might be invaluable to me and others like me.

For this, I thank you and I sincerely hope I may be able to contribute and/or raise some useful points during my time here.

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