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McCain's Very Own Farrakhan

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This article is really scary. Its scarrier after watching Bill Moyers show on this Rightwing Oil and Weapons funded War mongering, Catholic-hating psychopath whose ring McCain just kissed in Texas.

If the Media gives any black pol the Farrakhan it is racist and sickly biassed for them to ignore this sick nutcase and his relationship with John McCain.



Operation Mockingbird Spartacus:


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Some talk of him being choice for Vice-President. I doubt it...but who knows...frightening stuff!...frightening man! Those that believe this kind of stuff are many and now the only ones, practically, that still like Bush. They want a War to end all Wars and the Planet!....as they see that in the Bible and feel they should push it along ASAP! Madness, but all but mainstream thinking for many....about 15-20%

I am amazed to hear American citizens make comments such as "we" when discussing the Israeli government. Could you imagine the fuss if Americans used terms like this about the Soviet Union during the Cold War? No doubting where Hagee gets his money from.

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