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CIA Court Order to Release Documents

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The following links will take you to the two articles which have been referenced:

Judge Richard Leon will preside over the hearing in the DC Federal Courthouse on Wednesday morning. (March 5, 2008)

" I do not know why the links did not work or why thet were taken off...,

Here is the link to the article above:

http://www.washingtonindependent.com/view/...deral-court-cia (article (1) Washington Independent Streak)

And here is the follow-up article:

http://www.washingtonindependent.com/view/jfk-secrets-in-603 (article (2) Washington Independent Streak)

Dad, we must have crossed in the mail and postings.

WOW! The first link does not work anymore! That quick! This is wierd. Google Washington Independent Streak...in search engine put washington post cia lawyers.

Is anyone out there seeing this happen?

Here is the box shown when we go into the first one.

"The page you are looking for does not exist

You could have mistyped the URL, or the page could have moved or been deleted.

Go back to where you came from"

Here is a link I copied:


Will see if this works. round and round we go..where we stop nobody knows. Sheesh!

Yup, these articles are disappearing fast. I was able to read one earlier this morning, but now all that is left is one paragraph. One of the two Tosh posted, the other and Leslie's link gives you a "does not exist" message. Operation Mockingbird is working overtime. Did anyone manage to copy and paste any of this to save it here?

These boys just may be running scared.


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Michael: I think you posted the wrong link. Go to the first post of this thread and try to log onto those two posted links concerning the Washington Independent new articles and let me know what comes up.

Tosh, I used the links in post #61 of the thread I referenced above. I know because I was the first one on this forum to post the links.



They still work for me.

Edited by Michael Hogan
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The links as they were originally posted still work.



Go to the Washington Independent links. So far Dad, Dawn, Peter, and others which I have received e-mails from are not able to get into those particualr links.


Try again..I just did and received the same message as others have.


When I try to use the link you provide it does not work. When I use the link I provided, it does work.

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