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For John Simkin: Gathering of Information

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Hello John,

What would be the possiblity of gathering all of William Plumlee's information and answers he has posted over the last couple of months into one new topic on THIS forum? It is all so scattered and disjointed throughout the maze of threads. In light of the new CIA documents to be released in April or May out of Washington, it would be extremely helpful to have them in order on here before that release date. I have been contacted by others and they voiced how confusing it is to find his answers and information shared through all the threads. I have to agree completely.

He has named names and referenced a wealth of information which has been perhaps lost to this new generation of researchers. I feel valid information has been rerouted and lost for whatever reason.

Your response and help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.



I am not sure if this will fully address your question but if you just click on Tosh's name, you will get to his profile, then on the left hand side under the word "options" that is in a box you will get a drop-down. There you can click on all his posts (33 pages) and all the topics he has started. Are you having that other problem too that Tosh was having? Where you have to click on the lines at the bottom to read the posts? (We just hung up and he thought you were, as he was). I have this happen at times too and you fix it by going, on the forum itself, to "options" on the upper right hand corner, drop down, then click on "standard", which will bring the forum back to it's normal state.


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