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Biography: Outis Ziyapanda

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Real Estate investor and Educator born and raised in NY city now working out of the Tampa Bay area. Born into a real estate family (dad's cousin is the "devil Landlord") with interests in the parking garage business led to interaction with one too many characters along the way. Among the things in our past was operating the parking lot for Cavanaugh's in New York and the rumor that grandpa was the "nobody" described in the St Valentine's day Masacre.

Dad was born on the Greek Island of Ithaki and I like to call myself the "King of Ithaki". On my mother's side, her brother was one of the few members of the Cuban military to actual go out and try to stop Prio and Fidel...he died for his efforts. It is a pity those 1600 brave souls ran out of coffee at the Bay of Pigs and surrendered to the three sugar field workers holding machetes on the beach, but I can proudly say that I have had the privilage of having met all 50,000 cubans who there. An optomistic cynic who understands the truth is never what it appears to be, while having a rough year in Chicago in 1991 I began to read up on the changing of the guard that occurred that November day. The deeper I delved, the more I realized I had triped over some of the characters involved with or organizations with connections to the hit. Having done some volunteer work in helping to revive the south side of Chicago, this cynic began to realize that there were a number of cut out and cover operations well cloaked in the "urban inner city". Roy Cohn and Bobby Baker had ties to a couple of banks and the deeper I probed, the uglier it got. I was asked to leave some things alone, but I am too stupid to be scared for myself, but when some people I knew died and some people's lives began to get disrupted, it was time to leave it alone... Picked it up again a few years later in New York after picking up on some of the things available on the net and reading through the volumes at the NY Public Library...And was quickly sent a message to leave things alone again...recently some things have occurred that suggest that those who asked me to leave things alone have either changed their mind, retired or some other folks don't know I had agreed to let things be...oh well, you live once, twice if you are lucky and three times if you know how to use the brakes on your car.

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