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The Single Bullet Theory Exonerates Oswald

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I notice that everybody accepts my basic geometry (it couldn't be more elementary!). I am not trying to put forward a theory as to what happened at Dealey Plaza. However, I appreciate those who have raised interesting points on what the SB theory was covering up.

I am simply saying that the version of the Single Bullet theory put forward by Dale Myers doesn't make sense. He is forced to bring in a "magical" deflection, for which there is not the slightest medical justification.

The two angles I mention are from Dale Myers' website. The angle of 37 degrees accords with Z223, and the angle of the bullet with the shoulder line (66.5 degrees) is from the HSCA.

If you want to confirm my theory very quickly carry out the following 20-second practice.

Face the front. Put the tips of your left fingers against your right (front) armpit. Protude your thumb from your hand, and turn your hand leftwards until your thumb is over your right nipple. This is the HSCA path of the bullet through Connally. Now turn your shoulders 37 degrees rightwards (just short of half a right angle). This is the angle of Connally's rightward shoulder turn when, according to Myers, the Single Bullet struck. You will find that your finger tips point to a bullet path L ---> R. You have in 20 seconds disproved the SB theory of Dale Myers.

I only say the Dal -Tex building simply on the assumption that he fired from a building. For aq bullet 13.5 L ---->R

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