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Bill Hicks - JFK

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Relax folks- - the case is solved and we can all go home.


"I couldn't agree more with the people here who are saying that Hicks would have had alot to say about 9/11. He would have been so quick to spot the idiocy of the official version. He was so far ahead of his time in relation to so many of his observations about modern life. How anyone who actually has conducted any bit of outside reading, can believe the official version in relation to JFK AND 9/11 is such a sad indictment of what we as a race have become - 'You are free to do as I tell you'!!! "

"He deserved death for being a funny comedian?? "

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Bill Hicks was a true genius, a stand-up comic with balls! He is as revelant today as he was in the early nineties. He had this incredible insight in to how things really are and wasn't afraid to say so. His comments on JFK's assassination are gems to be treasured. He's looking down ( or probably up ) at us now saying I told you so.

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