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COPA Memphis Regional Conference

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If you are still deciding whether or not to come to COPA's regional

meeting in Memphis for the 40th anniversary of the murder of Dr. Martin

Luther King, Jr. (April 4-6), there will be lots to see and do. I just

got word that inexpensive rooms are still available at the nearby Sleep

Inn at Court Square (40 N. Front St., Memphis (901) 522-9700), just

down the block from the Comfort Inn Downtown (100 N. Front St. (901)

526-0583), where we will be holding our regional meeting. Our hotel has

filled up, but the Sleep Inn mistakenly held a block of rooms open for

us without an agreement. Tell them you are with COPA and the nightly

rate should be in the $100 range.

Our agenda is below, and in addition to our events there are major

conferences planned by the April 4th Foundation and Dream Reborn at the

nearby Memphis Convention Center, a march of civil rights leaders led

by Al Sharpton of the National Action Network from the Peabody Hotel. and

a Gathering for Justice hosted by Harry Belafonte at LeMoyne Owens

College. We will be getting our message out to all these groups and

letting their participants know about our meetings.

Judge Joe Brown will keynote for us on Friday night, April 4th. We will

join Al Sharpton's march to the National Civil Rights Museum and be

part of a Candlelight Vigil that starts at 5:30 pm with our banners visible.

All day Saturday, we will have speakers and films, including witnesses

to the events and solid researchers. We will gather Sunday morning to

talk about COPA events coming up in Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC

in June and Dallas in November and the work we are doing to renew the

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Records Act. It is likely that C-SPAN

and the Memphis Commercial Appeal will cover our event. For more on our

conferences, see our dynamic, updated website at


I hope you will join us in Memphis and our other anniversary events

this year. Our 43rd anniversary panel on the assassination of Malcolm X was

held at the site of the Audubon Ballroom, now the Malcolm X/Dr. Betty

Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center on February 21. The house was

packed and it went out live on Sirius Satellite Radio. Lyndon Barsten

will be promoting our events on Coast to Coast in the next few days as

well. Reserve your room directly and RSVP to me if you are coming,


COPA depends on its members for support. Please help us succeed with

all our conferences and projects this year by making a donation. You can do

it with PayPal at our website or send a check to us at PO Box 772,

Washington, DC 20044. Donations are not tax-deductible but for $50 or

more we will send out a DVD set of our 2007 Dallas regional meeting.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

John Judge. for COPA

**Killing the Dream* *

*A Regional Meeting of the Coalition on Political Assassinations*

Marking the 40th Anniversary of the Murder of Dr. King

*April 4-6 – Memphis, TN *

Comfort Inn Downtown, 100 N. Front St. (901) 526-0583

* Friday, April 4 *

*4:00 pm* – Meeting in lobby of Comfort Inn, join March from Peabody


*5:30 pm* – Candlelight Vigil, National Civil Rights Museum, 450

Mulberry St.

Site of the Lorraine Motel and the assassination

*7:00 pm* – Keynote, Awards – Comfort Inn, Captain’s Quarters,

9th Floor

Judge Joe Brown, judge for James Earl Ray’s last appeal,

ballistics expert witness at civil trial brought by King family

* Saturday, April 5 *

*9:00 am – 5:00 pm* – Speakers - Comfort Inn, Captain’s Quarters,

9th Floor

Jerry Ray - brother of James Earl Ray

Coby Smith – witness to events, former member of the Invaders

T Carter – Independent researcher into the assassination

Charles Cabbage – witness to events, warned Dr. King

*7:00 pm* – Films - Comfort Inn, Captain’s Quarters, 9th Floor

Documentaries about the assassinations of Dr. King and Malcolm X

* Sunday, April 6 *

*9:00 am – 12:00 pm* – Comfort Inn, Captain’s Quarters, 9th Floor

Researcher meeting, COPA planning

The Coalition is a national network of forensic, ballistics and medical

experts, academicians and authors, researchers and concerned citizens

who continue to unearth new information concerning the major political

assassinations and attempts of the 1960s and since, and demand release

of files and new grand jury investigations into these unsolved

homicides. We are working for the release of all files on Dr. King’s


2008 marks an anniversary year for President Kennedy (45th) as well as

Dr. King and Robert F. Kennedy (40th) and we will hold regional

meetings in Memphis (April 4-6), Los Angeles (June 6-8) and Dallas (November

21-23) this year. For more information on the Memphis conference and

onsite registration for this and other anniversary year events visit

our website.

*COPA, P.O. Box 772, Washington, DC 20044 *

* <http://www.politicalassassinations.com/> *

John Judge

Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)

PO Box 772

Washington, DC 20044


COPA Regional Meetings and Commemorative Events, 2008

February 21, 2008 (Thursday)

"The Assassination of Malcolm X: A Riddle Unraveled"

43rd anniversary of his murder at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City

Regional Meeting of COPA, New York City, NY

Location and speakers to be announced

April 3-6 (Thursday - Sunday)

"The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Killing the Dream"

40th anniversary of his murder at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis

April 4th Foundation event on April 3rd with COPA speakers

Regional Meeting of COPA, Memphis, TN

Comfort Inn, Downtown, 100 N. Front Street, (901) 526-0583

Reserve now for "COPA 2008": $99/night single/double

Speakers: Judge Joe Brown, Jim Douglass, Dr. William Pepper and more

Visit National Civil Rights Musuem at the site of the assassination

Registration on site

June 6-8 (Friday - Sunday)

"The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy: Killing Hope"

40th anniversary of his murder at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles

Regional Meeting of COPA in Los Angeles, CA

Custom Hotel, 8639 Lincoln Blvd (near LAX, free shuttle)

Call toll-free in the US and Canada: (877) 287-8601

Reserve now for "COPA": $139/night single/double (lowest LA rates)

Speakers: Paul Schrade and many others

Registration on site

June 10 (Tuesday)

"And We Are All Mortal..."

45th anniversary of JFK's speech against the Cold War at American University

Annual Commemorative Event by COPA in Washington, DC

American University, 4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW, off Ward Circle (at

Nebraska Ave.)

Gather 12:30 pm at the commemorative plaque, between the Broadcast

Center and the eastern end of Reeves Athletic Field

Researcher lunch follows. Free to public, parking south side of

Nebraska, enter at New Mexico.

See campus map at - http://www.american.edu/maps/campus.htm

Text of speech at - http://www.american.edu/media/speeches/Kennedy.htm

November 21-23 (Friday - Sunday)

"The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: The Death of Democracy"

45th anniversary of his assassination in Dallas

Regional Meeting of COPA in Dallas, TX

Hotel Lawrence, 302 S. Houston St. (at Jackson, off Dealey Plaza)

Special COPA rates to be announced

Moment of Silence, Grassy Knoll, November 22, 12:30 pm

Speakers: TBA

Registration on site

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I created a short promotional video for the conference on youtube. It is unlikely that it will get around enough to have an impact upon conference registration, but it may draw peoples attention to COPA and may also be useful in highlighting future conferences.

If you have a blog or a mailing list, please distribute this.

As the video says, COPA may broadcast the conference live over its website, so stay tuned. We also expect CSPAN to cover the event.


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