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John Simkin

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It is estimated that the world's largest internet search engine, Google, will be worth as much as $36bn ($19.5bn) when it goes public next month. Some 82m people every month use Google to search four billion web pages. Some experts are advising against buying Google shares. They claim that many people use it for barely a few seconds before moving on. There are also concerns that new technology could allow web browsers to block advertisements - which would jeopardise Google's income.

It will also have a damaging impact on educational websites that provide free information on the web. The only way that educators can obtain any revenue for the work that they do is via advertising on their website. For example, I currently get all my website charges paid for by a company that wishes to sell into the education market. They are unlikely to do this if these new browsers remove their adverts. If this happens websites like mine will be forced to adopt the subscription model.

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