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Opus Dei - Le Cercle - Pan Europeanism and Synarchy

Guest David Guyatt

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Guest David Guyatt
David - thank you for posting the link to The Cercle article, which represents a fine piece of research. Some fascinating historical material and characters, including yet another neocon incarnation, the Henry Jackson Society.

I was also intrigued by something that may seem very minor, in Senator John DeCamp's conversation with (DCIA) William Colby about notorious roving Telegraph journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

"Together with Rees-Mogg, the most savage press hound attacking Clinton was one Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, a Briton... [AE-P] once called me [DeCamp], urgently demanding a meeting. I had never heard of him before, and so I asked Bill [Colby] if he had ever heard of this fellow... Bill answered, rather ominously, as I now look back, "His name is Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. And," he said, "be very careful."

Now reinvented as a Telegraph financial correspondent, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is currently UK MSM's major prophet of doom predicting an imminent financial collapse, and suggesting we are facing a "derivatives Chernobyl" (nice phrasemaking). His analysis of why the global financial system is teetering on the edge is frequently spot on. But AE-P's solutions usually seem to involve the BoE and ECB aggressively following the line of the US Fed: ie slashing interest rates to near zero, and getting the Central Banks (in reality, taxpayers) to accept hundreds of billions of pounds/euros worth of the toxic CDS and MBS paper.

AE-P's "solution" will not fix the problems of the financial markets, nor will it help ordinary people survive the coming crisis. His "solution" merely represents one final plundering and looting by the international financial elites before they either: start a major and catastrophic war; or impose neoliberal shock therapy on Europe and America.

Thanks Jan, I had either missed that in De Camp's book or forgotten it (more likely the latter). I remember AE-P from his Clinton hunting days when I contacted him, but he wasn't in the mood to answer questions (I now realize why not). The circle of those supporting him were on the Republican right - one or two Yale-ies, as I recall.

I think your analysis on the financial side is right. Either a manufactured chaos followed by the imposition of the most draconian domestic laws, or a swingeing economic shock-therapy --- accompanied by the imposition of the most draconian domestic laws, but concealed beneath a velvet glove.

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