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Expendable Military Men

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Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't the only one EXPENDABLE...

"As for me being “EXPENDABLE,” I’ve always been that from the day I signed on to “White Star,” and more so, after D.P.(David Atlee Phillips) walked me out of the hospital room, from that day on, they owned me and my life was theirs to spend anyway they chose. I’m sorry, but I am still loyal to them, for I knew the rules and I’m the one who signed the “Non Disclosure,” and agreed to all the other rules as well. You must under stand, I Love My Country, but my loyalty was First to The Company and then to The United States of America. At one time, The Company was “The Makers & “The Breakers,” but today, it is run by suits and politicians. Need I say anymore? So, why am I still loyal to them? Simple, I was programmed and the programming does not go away. I am who I am and I will always be who I was. Like The Leopard, I do not change my spots. True, I believe in “God” and all of that, and I do believe that I have been born again, but, the programming is still in me."

The Interview with History continues...James Files to Pamela Ray April 23, 2008 #1358


Added May 1, 2008

"Now, I need for you to look up how William Colby died and as you know, he was the Director of the CIA and I read something that is a big question in my mind. There's a lot that I've been thinking about and I'm having trouble with some of the facts.


Let me get back to your sweet loving letter #1178 and I was on the last page and never finished answering it. And yes, I think it best if you let your Uncle XXXX be. When he was with you before in Oregon and talking a little about Vietnam, I thought maybe he might open up and a little to you. (He was telling me about flying the F-14 and the SR-71 and when I asked him about Laos, he said, "Yeah, nobody's supposed to know but we bombed the xxxx out of them.") But don't bother him, for there are some things that I don't like to talk about. All of us who was there have our own ghost, or demons to deal with. Me, I was one of the lucky ones I guess, they did a good job on programming me and gave me the best training possible and I lived through it all and I also enjoyed the hunt and the jungle, especially at night. I had no fear and now I know why; in the Delta Program they removed that fear from us. I wasn't brave, just programmed. I used to think I was brave and had courage of a lion. But just recently I have found that I wasn't brave, just a machine doing their job for them. And the funny part, I don't even have any fear of this place.

My Love, all this stuff I'm asking you to look up is for you and XXX and there's no need for you to be wasting postage sending it to me. All I'm interested in seeing now is the "DELTA PROGRAM and COLBY'S DEATH."

dreams and ideas of what is right and wrong. All we can do is put the truth out there and for those who want to accept it, fine. Others will turn a blind eye to it and also a deaf ear. Yes, sad but true!!!


My Love, I'm sorry when I get like I did yesterday when we was on the phone. (James Files was telling me about an incident in Iran - watching his team members tortured to death - when he was highly agitated and wanted too end the subject.) But for some reason, when I get pushed into certain areas, I get to shakin' and hyperventilating and start going crazy. Maybe they put a "Fire-Wall" in me like they do computers to keep people out of them.

JF to PR #1299 07 Dec 2007


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