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Did Houston police kill a CIA agent?

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Was it a spy, or would-be spy, in that SUV?

Despite CIA mementos and other evidence, Roland Carnaby's life remains an enigma


Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle

May 1, 2008

Much about Roland Carnaby's life speaks to a long career as a devoted intelligence officer — from his effort to build a local chapter of the professional association

to his personal friendships with current and former members of the intelligence community to his respect and affection for law enforcement and its dignitaries.

His home in Pearland is filled with pieces of his patriotic past. Plaques honor his years of service to the Central Intelligence Agency. A book written by former

CIA Director George Tenet is inscribed with a warm and playful message. Photos of him at CIA headquarters, in front of military aircraft and with various

dignitaries are prominently displayed.

A small room off the front foyer was Carnaby's study. There's an American flag on the wall and a "CIA" coffee mug on the desk.

Now, in the wake of his strange death Tuesday at the conclusion of a high-speed police chase, doubts have been raised about his oft-projected persona as

a CIA operative by the agency itself. It bluntly disavowed employing him. Might the denial be little more than standard operating procedure, as his wife suggests?

Or could it be that he spent years constructing an elaborate fraud, with a home filled more with artifice than artifacts.....?

Full story: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/5744733.html

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