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Zfilm Revisited-Sliced Frame 157

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Thought this next one might give a little insight into possible frame enlargement manipulation.

If you will notice the red arrows point to WC photos from frame 166/185.

Why would the WC present 2 different SIZED photos for these frames? By the way, 161 is the same size as 166.

Reminds me of the MPI stretched frames.

In order to size 185 to fit 166, I had to enlarge it to 107%.

The same sized frames have the blue alignment marks in it.

The original frames have none. To make it easier for the size difference, put your mouse cursor on the sprocket hole edge as it plays back and forth.


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Speaking from personal experience, when I filmed from up on the pedestal with my B/H 414 camera, after stopping and then restarting, I NEVER had an instance of blurred/movement frames on start up. I did this at least 15 times.

Something to ponder.

People usually set their target first before they push down the button to start filming.

Once they push that button, in this case (18 FPS), good luck with any movement within 3/18 of a second.

Highly unlikely.

Just take a look at the initial 3 frames without the limo for comparison.


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