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"Remember When The Arabs Were Our Friends...?

Mike Regan

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Remember When the Arabs were Our Allies...?

Granted, our hand has been forced and manipulated into dealing with all the hate that has erupted these past decades from the Middle East, but ever wonder where lies the root of it all...? Read on...

Remember when the Arabs were our friends...? Can you recall when a barrel of crude was priced within the single digits...? I can. Because I opened and operated a gasoline franchise during those peaceful years with a retail value of fuel set at 29 cents a gallon.

Militarily, things were quite balanced in the Middle East. Despite demands from the Israeli Prime Minister of the time, President Kennedy, hell bent on keeping a military balance in the Middle East, would continuously rebuff Ben Gurion's attempts to acquire from the United States both technology for a nuclear weapons program and funds to expand their armed forces.

And then what happened...? Perhaps one of the finest Presidents this country ever produced was assassinated. And Israel...? They aligned themselves with Communist China, pooled their resources, and developed their own nuclear weapons programs. Both country's would test their nuclear bomb before the end of 1964. To present date, Israel, despite it's bull-s**t overtures with regard to world peace, have steadfastly refused to sign the 'Non-Proliferation Act'. Even China and Russia, our enemies of past, have signed on.

Enter Lydon Baines Johnson, without a doubt both the sleaziest and most cowardly U.S. President of all time. Though Israel continued to parley with a Communist nation, Johnson would extend, to a degree that simply boggles the mind, military aid to Israel that would bolster their armed forces to an extent never before seen in the Middle East. LBJ simply lacked the moxie it would have taken to stand up to Israel.

Many, if not most, of the the Arab nations, confused that a good & loyal friend and a Nation (The United States) would arm a neighboring country to the teeth, even waited patiently for close to a decade before their shock and dis-belief that this former friend would do such a thing , simply put, turned to hatred. And aggression... First, economically, as a barrel of crude soared well into the upper digits and, second (?)... Well... The incredible level of violence we've all come to witness, not only on 9/11, but in years both prior and since pretty much spells out the entire picture.

Poor 'ole' 'Uncle Sam', thanks to the lackeys & corrupt individuals that Israel has installed in both Washington politics and within American media, has been placed in bed with Israel... Much to both the dismay of some of our former allies upon the world stage and the suffering of Arab nations in the Middle East, including the 'Ethnic Cleansing' campaign of which Israel earnestly and actively carries out against the Palestinian people. And, without a doubt, with regard to the suffering of 'Middle Class' tax-payers of America. The fine people who have been forced to provide the billions upon billions of sustenance dollars necessary to feed an aggressive, provocative & sleazoid Israeli 'Regime'.

Catch ya' later





My hope is that when Israel is done bullying the Palestinians, made peace with them for the sake, especially, of the fine American men & women who are fighting and dying in the Middle East to satisfy their sadistic whims and despicable ego, Israel will allow their neighbors a suitable (And appropriate) plot of land where they can plant a flag and call home and stopped behaving like a bunch of flaming ass-holes (Along side all those corrupted lackeys and dipxxxxs they've installed in both Washington politics & American media). And for the sake of 'Peace In The Middle East' & the end of terrorism... Allowed the entire world a sigh of relief as they sign the 'Non-Proliferation Act'.....

Catch ya' later,

Mike Regan

Safety, Happiness & Security To All Who Served On The 'USS Liberty' (Check out their web-site)... With Special Regard to 'The Spirits Of The Many Who Sacrificed Their Lives' while defending their ship against an incredibly aggressive, and unprovoked, attack by the Israeli Air Force on June 8th, 1967...

'God Bless All Those Wonderful Sailors And Marines'

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