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Defend the Warren Commission Report Findings? The 45 questions

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Defend the Warren Commission Report Findings? The 45 questions

Question #38

Back by popular demand - the 45 Questions that terrify those who try to defend

the Warren Commission Report. In the past, there have been only two

semi-serious attempts to answer them, one by John McAdams, and one by 'Bud' (the

xxxxx listed below) - Both responses were basically denials of the facts in most

of the 'answers'.

*below question reposted with authors permission -- author: Ben Holmes...*

But first, an important note:


Important Note for Lurkers - there are many trolls on this forum (alt.conspiracy.jfk) who's

only purpose is to obstruct debate, deny the evidence, and attempt to change message

threads from discussing the evidence, to personal insults and attacks.

These trolls include (but are not limited to):

**22 trolls who post regularly to alt.conspiracy.jfk** names removed -dgh

Please beware when seeing their responses, and note that they will simply

deny the facts I mention, demand citations that I've provided before, or

simply run with insults. These trolls are only good material for the kill


source: alt.conspiracy.jfk


The silence from the LNT'er camp has been deafening... no wonder the LNT'ers

prefer to hang out in a censored forum! On to the next:

38. "... but there is no evidence that an "A. J. Hidell" existed." (WCR 292)

"Because Oswald's use of this pseudonym became known quickly after the

assassination, investigations were conducted with regard to persons using the

name Hidell or names similar to it." (WCR 313)

"Hidell was a favorite alias used by Oswald on a number of occasions. Diligent

search has failed to reveal any person in Dallas or New Orleans by that name."

(WCR 645)

But the actual evidence shows otherwise:

"I, John Rene Heindel, 812 Belleville Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, being

first duly sworn, depose and say:

...While in the Marine Corps, I was often referred to as "Hidell"--pronounced so

as to rhyme with "Rydell" rather than "Fidel." This was a nickname and not

merely an inadvertent mispronunciation. It is possible that Oswald might have

heard me being called by this name; indeed he may himself have called me

"Hidell." However, I have no specific recollection of his either using or

hearing this name." (8H 318)

If a LNT'er wishes to argue that the staff was unaware of this deposition,

they'll need to face this:

Mr. JENNER. Do you remember a marine by the name of John Heindel?

Mr. POWERS. No, sir.

Mr. JENNER. Sometimes called Hidell? This is Atsugi now.

Mr. POWERS. No. (8H 288)

The WCR once again, simply lied. And although John R. Heindel was known from a

Secret Service investigation conducted in New Orleans from 22Nov - 2Dec; (See

CE3119 pg 12) no other research has been presented... presumably, the FBI,

Secret Service, and WC simply declined to investigate Heindel.

Interestingly enough, the Dallas Police list of property seized on Nov 23rd at

the Paine residence includes the following: "four 3 x 5 cards bearing

respectively names G. Hall; A.J. Hidell; B. Davis; and V.T. Lee" (CE 2003 pg


Gus Hall, Benjamin Davis, and Vincent T. Lee are real people of prominence in

the leftist political movement. If A. J. Hidell is a fake name invented by

Oswald, the subtlety of preparing an index card for Hidell, and putting it in

with known real people was certainly nothing less than brilliant. (to paraphrase

Silvia Meagher)

Can anyone explain why the WCR simply disregarded and misrepresented the

evidence in the case of this 'alias'?


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