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James Files on North Korea, Syria and Israel

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James Files Comments on North Korea, Syria and Israel

These are the views and opinions of James Files ONLY. He has a “soft spot” for Zionist Israel and their Mossad since they rescued his rear end on a few occasions. Pamela Ray does not indorse any terrorism; State Sponsored U.S., Israeli, Palestinian or Hamas or whatever. I wanted his comments and I knew he would have them. James Files wants out of prison to go fight on the front lines “anywhere, anytime.” He would rather die fighting than in the stink hole prison he has been in for the last 17 years on trumped up charges as a political prisoner. Maybe Bush Jr. will see this…maybe Jimmy can swing by Holland and straighten out a few things before heading off to Iraq or Iran.

PR to JF letter#1235 April 28, 2008 the following articles from

The Maui News Friday April 25, 2008 page A-6

White House: No ‘peaceful’ intents in Syria nuke plans

North Korea blamed for secret work on nuclear reactor there

Photo caption: Images released Thursday by the Central Intelligence Agency show a covert nuclear reactor (top) being built in Syria’s eastern desert and a concrete reactor vessel (above) under construction in the reactor.

Syrian President: Talks may start with Israel after Bush term ends


Date: 5/18/08

Subject: North Korea & Syria & Israel:

Recently in the news there has been much about North Korea and their Nuclear Program and how they have reached out to help Syria to develop Nuclear power in order to help them make nuclear weapons...Why is this news, or a surprise to anyone, especially for those in Washington D.C. Where in the hell have they been since 1992???

Does anyone remember the name and title, “President Bill Clinton?” Have you forgot how much the Clinton Administration paid North Korea to stop their Nuclear program? They paid them for Eight Long years which come to over 80 billion dollars (Files: If you could check that figure, I could be high, but I don’t think so.) and they kept telling the Clinton administration that they had stopped their program for nuclear power and everyone was happy, for The Idiots on The Hill believed every word that was being spoon fed to them. And Ol’ Bill said now we can live happily forever after for I have solved the problem with North Korea. Yes, Good Ol’ Boy Bill Clinton saved the world.

Eight years later George Bush gets his turn in The White House. He finds out that North Korea has been lying to us and says You all should be ashamed of your selves, I ain’t gonna give y’all no more money, so Stop Your nuclear program and stop it now.

North Korea responded to his warning by announcing on international TV they would do no such thing. In a round about way, they told Bush to go lay down by his doggie bowl and lick his nuts and to leave them alone.


The answer they gave Bush was... “if you mess with us, we will put a nuclear warhead into South Korea. Bush immediately shut up, backed up in the corner and laid down by his doggie bowl. Bush was shocked when the North Koreans stood up to him. No war with North Korea, because they’d kick our ass royal and yes, they would have taken out South Korea in a heartbeat.

Israel looked down on us when we failed to react to what was happening in North Korea. At that time they told us what would happen down the road and they was right. Today, we are facing a major problem, one much worse than the Middle East. Our major problems are Soviet Russia and North Korea. You have Soviet Russia helping Iran build Nuclear Power plants for making Nuclear weapons and you have North Korea helping Syria build Nuclear Power plants to build Nuclear Weapons.

Well, about 8 months ago, long about Oct. or Nov. 2007 (Files: Sept. 6, 2007), Israel sent in a few planes and bombed the Nuclear facility in Syria and destroyed it. Yes, this up-set a lot of people. And, everyone knows that Israel is the Pit Bull for the U.S.A. We slip lose the chain from one of our Dogs of War, and let them do what we should be doing. But we can’t do it because, too many politicians have to take a vote to see which way the fallout will hit them. GOD FORBID should they lose a vote or two. Their seat in Congress or The Senate is much more important than the people, or the rest of the world. Israel still has the heart to fight and they will fight till their


“END of TIME!” Israel is always ready to go to war. They are wiling to fight for their existence, for their right to live. But, they will never live in peace. The time will come when Israel will be attacked by several countries at one time and at that time the U.S.A will turn its back on Israel. We no longer have leaders in this country that are willing to stand up. We no longer have an Army that can fight, but that part will come later. Back to the main subject of Israel and Syria....

Israel is caught between the rock and a hard spot. They had no choice but to go in and take out the facility in Syria. They are going to be forced to do it in Iran, for the U.S. will, never have the heart to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I Love this Country and I am more than willing to go and fight for this country and die for it need be. Just let me out of prison, send me to the front lines, anywhere, anytime, for I am always willing to fight for this country. It’s the politicians that I do not like. They have sold us out on the open market to China and u many others as well.

As, for Syria and their peace talks with Israel, and them wanting to wait till Bush is gone, I don’t blame them for that. They know we’re going to have a Democrat government and at that time, we’ll give them the whole darn candy store. More than likely, we’ll tell Syria to go back to building their nuclear power plants and also give them money to help them get it done faster.


As for as the intelligence message that Israel is willing to give them back the Golan Heights, don’t believe that for one minute. That is propaganda being put out to make Israel look bad when there are no agreements reached in the end. Then their story will be that Israel lied to them.

The truth is, that “Hamas” needs time to rebuild and they want a six month truce so they can recruit, re—arm and re-organize their terrorist organization. “IF” Israel gives them that six months then they are bigger fools than I believe them to be. I say to Israel, while they are weak, “ATTACK-ATTACK-ATTACK NOW!!! Destroy your enemy and give no quarters while you are doing it. When you have a “Rabid Dog” you shoot it and kill it. Hamas is nothing more than a “Rabid DOG!” So shoot it, kill it and get it out of its misery.

No, Israel should not its borders to let any “Humanitarian aid” in what so ever. What ever happen to “Friends of my enemies, are also my enemies?” And do NOT try to tell me that food and medicine is different, for it is not, that is still aid to the enemy.

I say that we should step back and let Israel fight its war and let them deal with their own problems. They can handle them much better than we can. Israel has an army that is willing to fight and also willing to die to defend their country. Yes, it is time for The United States of America to turn Israel lose and let them do what they have to do. Sic’um Israel, sic’um go get’um...atta-boy…



Interview with History: The JFK Assassination

Pamela Ray with James Files "The Grassy Knoll Shooter"


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