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Defend the Warren Commission Report Findings? The 45 questions

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Defend the Warren Commission Report Findings? The 45 questions

Question #42

Back by popular demand - the 45 Questions that terrify those who try to defend

the Warren Commission Report. In the past, there have been only two

semi-serious attempts to answer them, one by John McAdams, and one by 'Bud' (the

xxxxx listed below) - Both responses were basically denials of the facts in most

of the 'answers'.

*below question reposted with authors permission -- author: Ben Holmes...*

But first, an important note:


Important Note for Lurkers - there are many trolls on this forum (alt.conspiracy.jfk) who's

only purpose is to obstruct debate, deny the evidence, and attempt to change message

threads from discussing the evidence, to personal insults and attacks.

These trolls include (but are not limited to):

**22 trolls who post regularly to alt.conspiracy.jfk** names removed -dgh

Please beware when seeing their responses, and note that they will simply

deny the facts I mention, demand citations that I've provided before, or

simply run with insults. These trolls are only good material for the kill


source: alt.conspiracy.jfk


I've decided to repost this one - since no-one has even tried to answer it. If

those who believe the Warren Commission Report want to defend it - they *MUST*

answer these questions... running away from them, or claiming that they are

"dead on arrival" or have "already been answered" simply won't do the trick.

If there are any honest LNT'ers out there - I won't hold you to trying to

justify McAdams lies about this - just answer the first question below.

LNT'er cowardice continues... no answers... yet these questions *MUST* be

answered if they wish to convince America that the WCR got it right...

42. Just a few days after the assassination, an anonymous caller told the DPD

that Oswald had had a rifle sighted at the Irving Sports Shop. Interestingly,

no one at the shop remembered anything about this, nor did anyone step up to the

plate to admit that they had called. However, in checking their records, they

came up with paperwork showing that work had been performed on a rifle for a

customer named "Oswald" between November 4th-8th. And even though no-one

remembered the specific person, the ticket proved that it could *not* have been

Oswald's rifle... the ticket specified the drilling of *three* holes to mount a

telescopic sight. The MC only had *two* holes. Anthony Summer's, in recounting

this - specifies that there were other, unstated, reasons that the ticket could

*not* have referenced Oswald's MC.

The question that this incident clearly raises is just who was it that was

attempting to frame LHO?

There are many other instances of "Oswald sightings" that intentionally frame

him as an arrogant man with an MC. And although Oswald normally only specified

his name as "Lee Oswald", a number of these sightings had the man specifying his

name as "Lee Harvey Oswald". Rather puzzling for the LNT'er crowd...

Another interesting incident had taken place several years earlier, when Oswald

was provably in Russia. Immediately after the assassination, a manager of a

Ford Motors franchise, Oscar Deslatte, contacted the FBI - stating that the name

"Oswald" seemed familiar... so he'd gone back through his order files, and found

a prospective purchaser from 1961. The "Oswald" from 1961, along with a Cuban,

had tried to purchase 10 trucks. Deslatte recalled that "Oswald" first

identified himself as "Joseph Moore", but asked that the name "Oswald" go on the

purchase documents.

Interestingly, when the carbon copy of this old purchase order was finally

released by the FBI in 1979 - it turned out that the name of the Anti-Castro

group that was trying to purchase the trucks was the "Friends of Democratic

Cuba"... an organization that Guy Bannister was a key member of.

Hmmm... anyone ever connect Guy Bannister with LHO before?

There are a number of other interesting "impersonations" of Oswald, (The most

famous of which were in Mexico City - long buried by the WC) and the question

becomes - "Who was impersonating Oswald, and for what reason?"

So the question becomes... who was 'impersonating' Oswald in the weeks before

the assassination?


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