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Propaganda Sells WAR...not a new idea

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Attention all Rush Limbaugh Listeners…Congratulations to Scott McClellan!

Being a long time listener and former “ditto-head” of the Rush Limbaugh talk radio show, I come to this discussion about Scott McClellan’s book What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception with a heavy heart for my fellow Christian Republicans. Wake up folks, you are being hoodwinked and deceived by the master of conservative propaganda himself, Rush Limbaugh. We need more people like Scott McClellan speaking out and writing books about what is happening in our country. Holy War, Neo-Con Jihad with Islam for Israel is not the answer for this country and let’s hope What Happened will shed some much needed light on this foreign policy agenda run by the “crazies” i.e. Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, etc…Project for The New American Century…etc…

According to Mr. Limbaugh, the number one problem in America is “liberalism” and the spread there of. Attention Rush Limbaugh – the number one problem is lying and deception in the highest order PROPAGANDA from both political parties and the charade we call presidential elections every four years. It does not matter one iota what party is in power, it is all a game and you are the ringleader of the show. Of course you want Hillary to keep in the race to foster distraction in your Operation Chaos to make the Limbaugh Lemmings go out and vote for her as a “Democrat.” Shame on you for preying on the true patriots of this country and using them to scurry around aimlessly, or even worse, stir up hate for anyone who dares speak ill of the war machine, all the while you and your fat cat friends in CFR, Bilderberg, Washington Press Club etc. laugh all the way to the bank. As McClellan’s book undoubtedly points out, lies and propaganda got us into the new Vietnam we call Iraq and I dare say the “war on terrorism” is a “war of terrorism” against the American people. I’m not a “liberal.” I have a current Hawaii Republican 2008 card even though I don’t vote anymore. I guess I never got kicked off their mailing list years ago. In the 1990’s I used to go to Hawaii State Republican Conventions and vote as a delegate, all the while listening to Rush Limbaugh. Sick but true.

America people need to quit fighting each other and start learning about what President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address to the nation, “the dangers, whether sought or unsought, of the Military Industrial Complex.” People need to learn about the Federal Reserve System, a private company not “federal” and certainly with no “reserve”, not subject to audit or scrutiny. We are slaves for their fiat money that is about to collapse and Rush Limbaugh will blame it on the “liberals” and millions of people will believe him! God help us. Black vs. white, Democrat vs. Republican, women vs. men, poor vs. rich, does anyone see a trend? It is called divide and conquer while “they” steal our country in a variety of ways.

In other glaring behavior that should be obvious to real conservatives and true Christian patriots that call themselves “ditto-heads”, Rush Limbaugh was caught fawning over Pope Benedict XVI‘s visit last month in our Protestant nation. We better wake up to the influence Rome has over our “American way of life.” Google “Black Pope” and have some Kleenex handy. In addition to the “Pope-Fest 2008,” Rush has Dick Cheney and George Bush on his radio show to boost the lies that all good Christians must follow the party line and remain faithful to the GOP. We had a saying back when I was growing up… “Question Authority” and we could use a little questioning directed towards our “leaders.”

Congratulations to Mr. McClellan for getting a book out on the Bush Crime Family and raising people’s awareness about what is really going on in Washington. The culture of deception is nothing new. I look forward to getting Scott McClellan’s What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception and adding it to my collection of non-fiction books.


I recently wrote and published a book with James Files, Interview with History: The JFK Assassination, a tell-all never before revealed insight into the power behind the JFK assassination, the cover-up and the events that led to 9/11. James Files, a former assassin employed by the U.S. government, with a license to kill, was a first hand participant in the JFK assassination. He was the “grassy knoll shooter” and was part of a secret group known as “Operation Group 40.” Most members were recruited by George H.W. Bush. Do you ever wonder how the JFK assassination and cover-up were so successful?



If anyone is serious about fixing this country, people need to know what the true problems are that we face as a nation. I hope with books like What Happened and Interview with History, the public can be made more aware of reality and not be so deceived with decades of propaganda from the likes of Rush Limbaugh or his imaginary nemesis “the drive-by media” run by the “liberals.”

BTW, Rush Limbaugh is also the one who told us Republican Christian Conservatives in the early 1990’s that Oliver Stone’s movie JFK was for “conspiracy kooks” and had no valid use to educate people about the events surrounding the assassination. One of the main characters from JFK, David Ferrie, is mentioned in some detail in our book Interview with History: The JFK Assassination. I pose a key question throughout our book when interviewing James Files…what source of power controls the agencies and the military?

The Bush Crime Family has terrorized our nation long enough. Unless people like Scott McClellan call “them” to task, it will be business as usual no matter is “elected.”

The key to America’s future is awakening the millions of duped Republican Protestant Christians, the “moral majority” that are the true patriots Rush Limbaugh preaches to Monday through Friday. I’m willing to do my part and take the flak for doing so.

Pamela Ray




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