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The death of Ron Brown

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Interesting article by Ian Mosley in the Israel News today:


The Bush and Clinton crime families seem to have their own private assassins working for them. The Clintons left a body trail from Arkansas to Washington, DC. A remarkable number of finance managers for the Clintons died mysteriously –burying any evidence of illegal mob money or foreign donors. Vince Foster famously wound up dead in a park while Clinton operatives ransacked his office. Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, who threatened to go public about Clinton criminal activities, conveniently died as Air Force Two flew into a mountain in Croatia.

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I don't think the Brown crash was "Air Force Two." As I recall, it was an AF plane that conveniently had no flight recorders aboard. The official story on that is that this type of plane was given flight recorders as a result of the "investigation" - you know, the old bit about "so this type of thing can never happen again."

IMO the "smoking gun" in the Brown case is the fact that U.S. military pathologists who examined the body found what they considered to be a bullet hole in the top of the head (presumably a coup de grace at the scene of the crash), and yet an autopsy was overruled. And, oh yeah, "missing" head x-rays, which were taken during the body exam. (In the Vince Foster autopsy, the X-ray machine wasn't even working - so what, eh? borrow one? why bother? - so there was no need for x-rays to go missing.)

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