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Grassy Knoll Assassin James Files interview 2007

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Jim Marrs was contacted last year and told the Japanese, "If you want to try and interview James Files, you need to get in touch with Pamela Ray." Jim Marrs knows what went down in 2003 and the treachery and double crossing involving Wim Dankbaar and knew James Files would not talk to them.

James Files did not want to do this interview in person at Stateville. I asked him if it would be okay to do a phone interview and the Japanese could film at my home in Hawaii. He reluctantly agreed. Part of the deal was to send me to Illinois later on in the year to do some filming with me outside the prison.

After a series of terrible events last fall involving an associate of James Files, he did not want me to come to Illinois due to "the purge" that was happening and he said basically if I came, I would have a target painted on my back and he feared for my life and safety. He emphatically said that the purge had nothing to do with JFK or that assassination. "People back east are concerned about me talking and they’re cleaning up lose ends and this has nothing to do with Kennedy!"

The phone interview was done in October 2007.

Entire interview being transcribed.


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Interesting. You're Miss Ray now for James Files?

Please explain how Jim Marrs was doublecrossed by me. Or invite him to explain it himself.

Why do you never mention the fact that you owe me over 55.000 USD and why do you never post the contract that you signed with me?

Bruce is okay indeed:

Re: Jimmy Files, 09.08.2006:

Van: Bruce P. Brychek

Aan: Wim Dankbaar

Cc: Daniel Marvin

Datum: 11 sep 2006 - 22:13

Dear Messers. Wim Dankbaar, and Dan Marvin,

Wim, I respect your judgment, and you are probably right.

I am fed up with this mud slinging bitch, also.

Further, Jimmy regrets this all, as his comment is that

she is out of control. She refuses to listen to Jimmy, and Jimmy now realizes

that he told her too much in the past. Even worse, she quotes everything wrong, out of context, or

just exaggerates to make herself look better.

Can you avoid dealing with her ever again, or are you too, like Jimmy, stuck trying

to deal with her ?

Over Jimmy's, and my numerous objections, she has posted on JFK Lancer.

Jimmy and I are both livid with her.

Jimmy can not control her at all.

I am trying to get Jimmy to sever all relations with her.


Bruce Patrick Brychek.

----- Original Message -----

From: Bruce P. Brychek

To: Wim Dankbaar

Cc: Daniel Marvin

Sent: Monday, September 11, 2006 9:31 PM

Subject: Re: Jimmy Files, 09.08.2006:

Dear Messes. Wim Dankbaar, and Dan Marvin,

Wim, Very Wll put, My Trusted, and Respected Friend.

I hope you know, but I will state it anyway. I will always

do everything in my power to protect Jimmy, Wim, and

Dan in all of our undertakings, past, present, and future.

Rest assured, I will try to keep The Four Muskateers on

the same track at al times, seeking to protect us, and our

quest for the truth, and protecting us from our enemies, and

those that pretend to be our friends, but have their own

secret agendas at their center of thinking.

Jimmy is livid about Pam's postings on JFK Lancer, including

his poetry. It has been some time since I have seen Jimmy so

visibly upset.

Jimmy wrote to you at my request so you know that I am not

making up anything whatsoever.

Wim, and Dan, I Thank You both for Jimmy and myself for your courage,

support, and sincerity with me.

Jimmy asked me to Thank You both, from the heart.

I am fed up with Pam Ray. I tried to deal with her, and I

now regret it, as she put my name on JFK Lancer, and

my hate mail has increased beacuse of her. Rest assured I

told Jimmy so.

Wim, maybe you should post Jimmy's letter on The JFK Forum,

only? Think about it.

Best Always to you and Dan, and both of your families.


Bruce Patrick Brychek





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