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The Magic Bullet – Question?

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Can anyone tell me if the statement below is accurate and is there any further information that confirms or refutes this statement as to how the ‘Magic Bullet’ was first discovered?

Thanks in advance everyone – Steve

Dr. Ronald Jones, one of the first doctors to see the president at Parkland Hospital talking with Larry King – December 23rd, 2003.

“But I think the single bullet theory requires a lot of -- a lot of assumptions, and then, after you go through the fact that it -- that it made all the wounds for Kennedy and for -- and Governor Connally, then he's brought in on a stretcher, his clothes are taken off after he's resuscitated. A sheet is placed over him. He's taken on that stretcher up to the operating room, he's transferred onto an OR table. Jane Wester, the nurse, folds the sheets up. No one has seen a bullet during that entire time. His clothes are in a brown paper bag on the lower part of the stretcher, so they're not on the stretcher.

The stretcher is taken back down the elevator and parked at the elevator unattended for a while, and then as Mr. Tomlinson comes up and moves the stretcher, a bullet falls off that no one has ever seen.”

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