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David Phillips's Unpublished Novel

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On 6/18/2008 at 2:29 AM, John Simkin said:

It is true that Malcolm Blunt has a copy of the manuscript and made it available to Larry Hancock and Jeff Morley.

If Larry sees this, I would ask if this manuscript has seen greater availability since 2008?

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I know portions of it have been circulated on the internet periodically, as Bill noted all this seems to go in cycles. I don't know that I ever posted it myself, my impression was that what is available could either have been drafted for a book or very possibly for a TV or media program...at about that time Phillips was pursing the possibility of a TV series on the CIA like the one on the FBI.  One of the things folks miss is that Phillips actually wrote several books, not just Nightwatch.  I recommend reading them as they give a lot more insight into his thoughts and attitudes at different points in time.

Honestly I didn't think anyone would ever take the few pages he drafted on this as any sort of confession....Phillips loved mind games though, its not out of reason that he was just playing with JFK conspiracy folks...

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Phillips appears to have been loyal to the CIA during his retirement. He was employed in Counterintelligence and I would suggest sowing a false lead for people to latch onto was excellent use of his skills. His alleged confession to his brother doesn't match the story, and his apparent admission when debating Mark Lane (Oswald was never in Mexico City) doesn't match it either. What I do think can be taken from the book outline is a picture of what Phillips considered significant in the assassination. These elements include : What Oswald was doing in Mexico City and the awkward known facts about this episode, the strong suspicion that Phillips was involved in the assassination and with Oswald, and the link between assassination attempts on Castro and the JFK killing. 

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On 6/17/2010 at 1:36 AM, Emil Snizek said:

I've also wondered if Phillips' abandoned text will ever be released to the public (however small it was)... and I've wrestled with there being any possible logical validity to Phillips' tossed-off claim in "The AMLASH Legacy" of Oswald being a potential assassin of Castro etc...

I feel it's ultimately been proven to some degree that Oswald was a part of AMSPELL... so connecting those two projects within Oswald's trajectory is the ultimate temptation, but also the heart of the perennial mystery I suppose. When Phillips wrote that he was 'one of the two case officers who handled Lee Harvey Oswald' do you think he could have possibly meant James McCord when they were working in New Orleans together on AMSPELL?...

I just posted a massive argument with myself on this subject at: http://gnosticdevice.blogspot.com/

if anyone has any particular corrections to help me make let me know, this is just where I try to straighten out my own thoughts on the Dallas>New Orleans>Mexico>Dallas transitions.


I have recently come to the same conclusion which you raise, as speculation, in bold above. There must be some reason why researchers don't cover this point more frequently, I would like to know what that reason is.

BTW your article on your blog is very well done. I will be reading more. I noticed that your linked article was posted days before your last post here, and your blog drops-off a month or so later. I am curious as to whether you are actively writing elsewhere.



(Bold emphasis is mine)

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