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18 new YouTube videos: inc. amazing Dr. Robert Shaw & DPD Curry statements+CLASSIC JOHN JUDGE (C-SPAN)

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18 new YouTube videos: inc. amazing Dr. Robert Shaw & DPD Curry statements+CLASSIC JOHN JUDGE (C-SPAN)

This ultra-rare classic from the vast Vince Palamara archives (trust

me, it's humongous!) finds Dr. Robert Shaw, Governor John Connally's

chief surgeon, in a Parkland Hospital press conference (WFAA/ ABC tv),

telling the amassed news media (and millions in tv land) that "the

bullet is in the leg: it hasn't been removed...it will be

removed...left thigh...before he goes to the recovery room [note the

time sequence!]"...what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Single Bullet Theory...



Another gem from the vast Vince Palamara archives: DPD Chief Jesse

Curry on 11/20/63, 2 days before the Kennedy assassination that

happened within feet of the car he was driving, warning the good

citizens of Dallas to behave themselves...his incredible and ironic

slip (?) "untoward accident, or incident" is amazing!!!! Note also the

"harmful or degrading" comment. Wolper, 1964


In this classic from the vast Vince Palamara archives, John Judge

(COPA) gives an impassioned speech on C-Span's "JFK: Cinema as

History" (Jan. 1992). Enjoy!


In this very interesting 2004 clip from the vast Vince Palamara

(Secret Service/ related) archives, Secret Service agent Clint Hill

emotionally talks about JFK and the tragedy of 11/22/63. Also

included: agents Jerry Parr, one of the heroes of 3/30/81, and Larry

Cockell, one of the "heroes" of the Lewinsky scandal! :)


In this very ironic and interesting clip from the vast Vince Palamara

archives, a WFAA/ ABC reporter tells the local television audience

awaiting JFK for his 11/22/63 Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce speech [a

very short time before his assassination in Dallas] all about the

September 5 1901 assassination of President William McKinley, as well

as Secret Service procedures...how thoughtful of him-NOT!!!!!

Incredible and ironic, to say the least...not to mention incredibly

bad taste on the reporter's part.


Another short gem from the Vince Palamara archives: NBC's Bill Ryan

telling millions of viewers that not having the top on the president's

car may have been a "tragic mistake." Indeed.



In this amusing clip from the Vince Palamara archives, President Nixon

makes some silly statements during his 3/6/74 press conference (during

the height of the Watergate affair)...among them: "I've also quit

beating my wife!"



In this classic clip of President Richard Nixon, during the height of

the Watergate affair, ole Tricky Dicky demonstrates his lack of

respect for the media. Enjoy!



An interesting video clip from the Vince Palamara archives: Secret

Service agent Jerry Parr (whom I spoke to: great guy) discussing both

the 11/22/63 JFK assassintion and, in more depth, the 3/30/81 attempt

on the life of President Reagan. The narrator is former Secret Service

agent Bob Snow (whom I corresponded with).


In this interesting clip from the vast Vince Palamara (Secret Service)

archives, I demonstrate one of the numerous instances of media

disinformation regarding JFK and the Secret Service that one has had

to put up with since the days of the Warren Commission, Manchester,

Bishop, the HSCA, etc. This was made back in 1996 and, while I now

somewhat regret the silly editing of distinguished author James W.

Clarke, who wrote a fine book on political assassinations, no malice

intended and, warts and all, this television clip demonstrates, yet

again, the "JFK-as-scapegoat" theme I explored in my book.



see the rest here:


such as...

Vince Palamara archives: JFK, the Secret Service & the media:



Vince Palamara archives: Betty Forsling Harris & Dave Powers:


Vince Palamara archives: Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson:



Vince Palamara archives: ABC's Haggerty re: Secret Service:


Vince Palamara archives: JFK & the Secret Service- cute, sad:


Vince Palamara archives: Secret Service agents Kinney & Hill:




Vince Palamara archives: LBJ with SAIC's Behn & Youngblood:



Vince Palamara archives: Reagan SAIC's Parr & DeProspero:


Vince Palamara archives: Nancy Reagan & the Secret Service:



Vince Palamara archives: Fort Worth, JFK, Hill, Kellerman:




Vince Palamara: Books & television...& Bugliosi:



See all my YouTube videos:




























This is a REAL rarity from the Vince Palamara archives: This is

a REAL rarity from the Vince Palamara archives: in the only known

record of his speaking voice, former Secret Service agent William R.

"Bill" Greer, the inept driver of JFK's death car on 11/22/63, speaks

by phone to researcher Roy Ennis on 12/6/70 (for the self-published

book "Murder From Within")

Part 2 of this very rare gem from the vast Vince Palamara Secret

Service archives: researcher Roy Ennis 12/6/70 phone interview of

former Secret Service agent William R. "Bill" Greer, the inept driver

of JFK's death car on 11/22/63 (the only known recording of Bill

Greer's voice!) (more)

Vince Palamara unearths this gem from a rare 1976 CFTR (Canadian)

radio broadcast of a) Secret Service responsibilities on 11/22/63 and

B) a late 1975 interview with Roy Kellerman! (more)

Vince Palamara unearths this rare gem from his archives: the HSCA's


Robert Blakey talking about the Secret Service as an intro. to the

staff interview of Secret Service Inspector/ Asst. Dir. Thomas

Kelley(9/78) (more)

Vince Palamara unearths yet another gem from his vast personal Secret

Service archives: Chief James J. Rowley's testimony before the HSCA


September 1978 (more)

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18 new YouTube videos: inc. amazing Dr. Robert Shaw & DPD Curry statements+CLASSIC JOHN JUDGE (C-SPAN)

In this classic from the vast Vince Palamara archives, John Judge

(COPA) gives an impassioned speech on C-Span's "JFK: Cinema as

History" (Jan. 1992). Enjoy!

Thanks for that one Vince, I had just made reference to JJ's tirade at AU just last week.

Will make a transcript for posterity.



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John Judge

American University Symposium on Oliver Stone's film "JFK"

CSPAN – (Circa 1991-2)

Moderator: You favor opening the archives. I wonder whether you have any preliminary hypothesis about what would be found there if the Archives were open?

John Judge: I think more important than what specifically remains in the Archives -

Norman Mailer compared it to a Mercedes Benz that's been left I think he said up in Harlem for twenty years, in terms of what we might find, we do have lists of what went in so we can compare it with what comes out.

But I think more important is the principle that these records are public information and it belong to us, the people of the United Sates, and not by any secret government or intelligence network, or any president, or any Congress who are merely hired by us to do our bidding anyway.


Thomas Jefferson said that if given a choice between a government with no newspapers or newspapers with no a government, he would always choose the latter. Of course he never had a chance to read the Washington Post or New York Times, but…(Laughter, Applause)

But the principle he was getting at is that democracy doesn't work unless the people are educated. And he said that the final repository, the ultimate repository of all knowledge must rest with the people, and there's no one else who is good enough or smart enough to invest that control in, in a truly democratic society.

And we call for a full opening of the files, not dribbled out through pre-censorship like Freedom of Information Act documents, with pieces missing, not to selected historians, or medical experts, not to a special prosecutor or yet another Congressional investigation, but to the people themselves.

And much of this that we know about the Kennedy case, and the evidence of conspiracy comes from the hard work of independent, individual investigators – whose names are not mentioned in large part in the film - Mae Brussell, Penn Jones, Sylvia Meagher, Jochem Joestin, Paris Flamonde,…and that's only a few. The current researchers Robert Groden and Philip Melanson (and others) are still continuing to follow the evidence.

When that material comes out, they will be little pieces in the jigsaw puzzle, in the

Mosaic. But we've had enough out in these many years to solve the case. There is enough of the picture visible in the record and the historical view that we've had to get to the bottom of it.

So I don't see the files ultimately as holding a smoking gun, but rather telling us one more time what the government did or did not find out about the case.

I would like to support the film. I think that outside of films done by Civil War buffs who try to get every uniform and every rifle right, that Oliver Stone has done the most historically accurate work on the Kennedy assassination to date.

The reason it struck a nerve is that this is the hidden secret in the American psyche since that day, November 22, '63, the American public have known, and I would contend have been told over and over, that there was a conspiracy to kill the President of the United States, the people who did it got away with it, and that we can't touch them.

I think that's a large part of why so few people vote today.

But Stone has gone into that darkness and shown a light, and looked at things.

And I think the conclusion of his film is right.

I think from my own work, I have read the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission….You know Alan Dulles, when he was asked about releasing the evidence by Hale Boggs, replied, "Go ahead and print it, nobody will read it anyway."

And unfortunate, especially now, in this post-literate generation, Stone's film is about the only thing that will reach youth. There are a few of us who read still, but as you know, the FBI is trying to get our names from the library. (Laughter)

So this has crossed over the line, and that's why it's so disturbing.

But let me tell you two stories to end, that convinced me that it was not only a conspiracy but a conspiracy well beyond the capability of any Mafia Goon, of any CIA Schleper, of any renegade element in U.S. intelligence, of any oilmen with a beef, these are the layers of the onion that were planted at the beginning, so we'd never see the core.

My mother worked for twenty five, thirty years all together, but for twenty five years for the deputy chief of staff in the personnel office at the Pentagon, directly under the Chief of Staff. She was the highest paid women employee at the Pentagon; she was five levels above top security. I mentioned to Fletcher Prouty the other day that I worked from the bottom up and he worked from the top down and met at the Joint Chiefs.

My mother's job was to project overall national draft call figures five years in advance. She had to predict an annual national service call that had to be right within a hundred people either way, five years ahead.

She knew from those projections and the information she got that they were withdrawing from Vietnam.

And if you want to get a hold of the papers that prove Prouty's point, I just got this today from the Government Printing Office, Foreign Relations of the United States 61-63, (holding up book) the State Department papers are released in Volume IV of the Vietnam series. This is August to December 1963, and the security memoranda are in there that talk about Kennedy's plan. It's been backed up by Arthur Schlesinger and more recently, yesterday I believe, or the day before in the New York Times, by Roger Hillsman.

He (Kennedy) was pulling out, my mother knew that because she had to project those kinds of figures.

I asked her after she retired when did they tell you they were going to escalate in Vietnam? Because she had to be one of the first to know.

She said late November, 1963.

I said, the last week in November?

She said yes, the Monday following the assassination.

I said was this a few more advisors, a change in policy?

She said I couldn't believe the figures.

She said I took them back to the Joint Chiefs, in what must have been the first protest by a civilian against the war in Vietnam.

She said these figures can't be right. And they said you'll use them. They said that the war would last ten years and 57,000 would die, and to figure that in.

I also talked to SAC bomber pilots, Strategic Air Command bomber pilots, who had the responsibility for nuclear and emergency response, who were in the air on regular shifts, 24 hour hours a day, they were in the air over Wright Pat Air Force base when they heard the news that Kennedy was shot. They ran to open lockers that contain a cryptographic code books that allows them to tell when the President is calling them and to take orders to allow them to go to their fail safe points and nuclear war. There was not a pilot in the air that hour, over Wright Pat anyway, and I would contend that was the case everywhere else, that there was no reason to isolate it, that there were no code books in those lockers.

We know from Pierre Salinger's book, that there was no code book aboard Air Force II, bringing the entire cabinet back, returning from important meetings that changed the course in Vietnam within days.

They were in the air and had no way to communicate with the White House and the president.

There's nobody who can touch those book outside the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the highest levels of Defense Intelligence, and at every level of my work, the Office of Naval Intelligence is who rears its head on a mechanic level, and the Industrial Security Command.

This is the background of Oswald and Guy Bannister and Jack Ruby, when we go into them.

And whatever is in the records will merely back that up. The physical evidence is already in front of us. We know that one lone nut, with a rifle that lost the war for the Italians during World War II, which couldn't shoot a bullet lined up with its own scope, didn't do the damage in Dallas.

But Kennedy wasn't all that was killed that day, Democracy died. (Applause)

[Many thanks to Vince Palamara for recording this tape and releasing it - BK]

Edited by William Kelly
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I asked John Judge about this and here's what he says:

John Judge:

When Oliver Stone's JFK came out, the Communications

Department at American University decided to make it the topic of their

annual Eagle Forum, an event covered regularly by C-SPAN. Sanford

Unger, the director, invited Fletcher Prouty and I to participate based on

hearing us on the Dianne Rehm show the week before talking about the

Kennedy assassination. Unger went on to direct the U.S. Information


I only got on Dianne Rehm's WAMU talk show because I called in live to

challenge her assertion that the JFK film "mixed fact with fiction".

Unlike most Hollywood films, which were purely propaganda, I argued,

Stone had the audacity to add facts and leave out the propaganda. Is

that what was bothering her? She pointed out that there was never a

meeting in Washington between Jim Garrison and Mr. X, and doubted such

a person existed. I said, not only did they exist, I knew who Mr. X was,

and while they never met in DC, the words spoken to Garrison were in

correspondence sent him from a high-ranking Pentagon and DIA official,

Fletcher Prouty. She took my call off the air and invited us on the

show, saying that she never had believed the Warren Commission.

Thus, serendipity got me onto a national forum on C-SPAN. A year later

someone passing me on the street stopped and said, "Aren't you the guy

who was on C-SPAN talking about the Kennedy assassination? You were the

only one who wasn't talking bullxxxx." I held my own, as you can see in

this excerpt. Dan Moldea, seen at the opening of my remarks, leaned

over to me afterwards and said, "Where do you get all this stuff, John?" I

said, "It's called research, Dan". I have to smile at myself back then,

so full of fire, but my passion for the truth hasn't really changed. We

get so few chances to talk to the public, we need to make the most of

them when we do.

Here is the link, and we will post it soon on

www.politicalassassinations.com -

[Thanks again to Vince Palmara for saving and posting this video]

Our LA conference will be available soon at the website also. I am

helping Paul Schrade, Dr. Joling and Phil van Praag to get their case

to the public and to start a real investigation.

I hope to see some of you in Dallas this year, it's the anniversary and

press and public will be out there for us. Our title, "The Death of

Democracy: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy" reflects my closing

comment years ago at American University and I stand by it.

I'm busy securing the speakers, but we should have a good lineup with some

surprises. For details and hotel reservation information, see the COPA

website. More to come! John Judge


John Judge

Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)

PO Box 772

Washington, DC 20044


Check out our new website:


Annual meeting in Dallas November 22-25, 2007

Hotel Lawrence - 214-761-9090 - discount room reservations "COPA 2007"

Speakers, films, books, resources, email for details

Edited by William Kelly
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