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Valencia Spain

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I'd like to go to Valencia, Spain, where they held the most recent America's Cup sailboat regatta, and a very exciting one indeed.

After traveling from New York, Newport, R.I.; Freemantle/Perth, Australia; San Diego, California; Aukland, New Zealand, the America's Cup was held in Valencia, Spain (via Zurich, Swiss), and should return to Valencia sometime in the next few years.

While most historians will recognize Valencia as the scene of the final epic battle of El Cid, driving the Moors from Spain, the Coast of the Sun resort is having a grand revival, thanks to the America's Cup. The last regatta was so popular they got contracts from all the opposition syndicates to hold the next regatta there, regardless of who wins.

Valencia also got a Formula One Grand Prix, taking the America's Grand Prix auto race, and now hosting both the America's Cup as well as the US F1 GP.

They must have something going for them.

America's Cup people seem to love it, and the F1 jet setters seem to fit right in.

What's up there?

Bill Kelly

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