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Terrorists' Actions and US Cover-Ups

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As we all know, Pierre Salinger was President Kennedy's press secretary. I think with the death of the President and the other assassinations, Pierre Salinger wanted to do the truthful thing, the courageous thing before he left this earth. He informed on secret military tests that may have led to the downing of TWA Flight 800. I think seeing the Warren Commission lie about Nov. 22, 1963, Salinger spotted something being covered up again and this made him go public.

Whether the terrible plane crash off Long Island was caused by friendly fire or from Iranians, Salinger felt the FBI, the Navy and powers that be were lying to the US people again. Salinger became a figure of fun. Yet, he and Al Gore felt Clinton had covered up OKC, TWA 800, Lockerbie, the first bombing of the World Trade Center. He didn't want the American Public to know that these were terrorist activities. So Clinton lied to the US populace. This, Salinger felt, was Treason and Sedition.

Then Bush Jr became President and 9/11 happened. Is this why we're in Iraq? Because the Arab nations were attacking us and we covered it up? Was Nicols and Tim McVeigh patsies? The American people -- no doubt -- still don't know the truth of all of this. Much of what I've written here comes from CNN. Here is how they summed up Pierre Salinger in their obituary of him.

"As for Salinger, after years of suffering from dementia, he died of heart failure in 2004..."

Actually, Salinger moved to France because of all the lying that goes on in American govt.

Two questions: Did Clinton or Bush Jr know these attacks were coming? Why are they covering them up? If they were afraid of a war-like sentiment in the US, what do they think of Sen. McCain? We'll know war forever.

How can you reason with religious fanatics?

In posting this, I'd like others opinions on these matters. Election time draws ever so near.

Kathy Collins

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On the topic of Salinger I learned some interesting things about his career from Shane O'Sullivan's book Who Killed Bobby. The author discussed the RFK assassination plot with

seasoned opreatives (who) invariably pointed to a man on this inside as an essential element of such an operation.

He could have been an insider working for Kennedy or the hotel who knew what was going on and could have,

perhaps unwittingly, passed information to the plotters or been manipulated into directing the senator into the "killing


While I don't suspect Pierre Salinger of any conscious connection to the shooting. some of his business relationships

are worth examining with this in mind.

In Salinger's 1995 autobiography, P.S. A Memoir, he writes of his frindship with Bob Six, the founder of Continental

Airlines. In the summer of 1965, Six was setting up a subsidiary in Southeast Asia called Continental Air Services

(CAS) It would provide air services to the CIA as an alternative to the agencies own carrier, Air America, which was in danger

of being banned from certain countries due to regional tensions over Vietnam. CAS would have no direct links to the agency;

all contracts would go through the usual cover ogragnisation, AID

Six had meetings at the CIA with William Colby, then director of covert operations and later head of the CIA. Colby told Six

he needed someone with top secret government clearance to work at a high level in the new company. Salinger had such

clearance during his career in the Kennedy White House and was perfect for the job.

Salinger accepted the offer "because it sounded like an exciting job" and flew out with Six to start work at the new head-

quarters of CAS-- a converted motel in Vietniane, Laos. CAS would take over from Air America in supplying the US-funded

Meo army to the north, who were repelling North Vietnamese inscurions along he Ho Chi Minh trail.....According to Salinger

half the staff had CIA links. CAS also made daily reconnaissance flights, to report on North Vietnamese troop movements

along the Ho Chi Minh trail, information that was used by the U.S. Air Force for their covert and illegal bombing raids in


Salinger worked for Continental Air Services for the next two years, bringing him into the same orbit as CIA operatives Tom

Clines and David Morales.... Another odd Salinger Connection was Robert Maheu, right -hand man to Howard Hughes and the

liason connceting the CIA , John Rosseli, and the Chicago Mob during earlier attempts to assassinate Castro. During the

California campaign, Kennedy staff decided to approach Hughes for a campaign contribution.

Salinger thought Hughes was approachable and got the assignment--"I knew Hughes right-hand man, Robert Maheu, quite well,

so I called and made an appointment with him." The morning after their meeting, Maheu called to say that Hughes had agreed

give Kennedy twenty-five thousand dollars.

By 1968, the Hughes organization, through Maheu, was working hand in glove with the CIA. John Meier was Hughes's third in

command and an arch-nemesis of Maheu's. In an interview with researcher Lisa Pease, Meier claimed the Maheu had connections to

Thane Eugene Cesar and the upper ranks of the LAPD. According to Pease, "Meier saw enough dealings (within the Hughes

Organisation) before and after the assassination to cause him to approach J. Edgar Hoover with what he knew... Hoover expressed

his frustration, saying words to the effect of "Yes, we know this was a Maheu operation. People think I'm so powerful, but when it

comes to the CIA, there's nothing I can do

I subsequently met Meier in person, and hwile he claims to know who financed, organized and carried out the assassination of Robert

Kennedy, I have yet to see any evidence of this (p.422-424, Who Killed Bobby)

Anyone know more about Salinger's activities in Laos?

What about how he knew Maheu?

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