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++Good Day .... The following updates my biography page that John Simkin originally provided many, many years ago with respect for these learning forums.

Donald Roberdeau is a volunteer United States military veteran who has served and led worldwide for Our United States, Coalition allies, + Our many friendly nations Defenses & Strengthening's + Populations defense + Catastrophes & Disasters help + Nations Liberations with Leadership responsible for all assigned Veterans Safety, Skills training, Establish Goals Successfully Accomplished @ coordinated levels for Our Team for the Veteran, Work centers, Divisions, Departments + Our Duty stations.


One of the United States defense/combat commands that Don personally requested in his Navy career was to be stationed aboard our now-retired United States Navy aircraft carrier, U.S.S. John F. Kennedy.

Don remembers the assassination weekend, and is a 1st generation JFK assassination researcher, steadily researching and detailing evidence (and its massive amount of stark, transparent contradictions), contacting the Dealey Plaza witnesses (46 to date, including the 2 wounded, surviving victims), contacting scores of assassination witnesses to assassination related events before, during, & after, contributing new discoveries, & steadily developing detailed key considerations for 46+ years (after observing the Zapruder film during its 1975, first-ever, nationally public, showing in-motion on TV),  providing public & private presentations, + contributing via the Internet, periodicals, newspapers, radio, others books, + TV.

Immediately upon seeing the Zapruder film's very first in motion (yet very late at night),  mass public TV showing of the film on 3-6-75, right on up to the present day, Don is a 1st generation researcher that has been personally and steadily researching and reporting its macro and micro details, and freely sharing discoveries, with respect to the assassination.


COMING.... A prior to 11-22-63 gunshots experienced, Warren Commission known -- yet, never called by the commission to hear their testimony -- Dealey Plaza extremely close assassination kill zone witness' very detailed attack observations, who stated that I am only the 3rd person (outside of family, but never interviewed in print or film) since the horrors of 11-22-63 to have been shared this close witness' very detailed observations of attack shots time stampings to victims/motorcadists reactions, attack artifacts, etc., and post-attack personal experiences & encounters.


For 46+ years, right on up to the present day, I have been documenting a detailed and referenced chronological timeline that starts in the mid-1800's. (currently, the detailed timeline is over 23,000-plus pages, if printed). This timeline includes related events, persons, groups, places, suspects, etc, that funnel into the assassination, key details of the assassination itself, highlights of the many government-controlled investigations discoveries during the decades (and links to the mega-thousands of pages for all of these reports providing the micro-details), and our devoted private researchers personal investigations and discoveries. The timeline is supported with my comprehensive individual list of 11,762 persons, witnesses, and suspects: detailing each of their individual experiences, actions, re-actions, and precise assassination locations. Each person is supported with documented references for his/her detailed observations related to their witnessed events before, during, and/or after the murder-elimination of President Kennedy. (Please feel free to contact me, anytime, via   DRoberdeau@aol.com, with your questions and/or your referenced suggested additions with respect to the detailed timeline and/or the detailed persons list .... Please type  "JFKwithin your email  subject line so that your email is not accidentally deleted as spam) 


A registered  United States National Archives  Certified Researcher,  Don freely discusses assassination news, discoveries, and the macro and micro-detailed important considerations of the assassination of President Kennedy with individuals and groups. Don freely contributes on the internet, in printed periodicals, reports, and his research is referenced in reports, in radio, and several books and TV broadcast documentaries.


In 2006 the Mary Ferrell Foundation and JFK Lancer Research  honored me with the  New Frontier Award.  This award was "presented in appreciation for Don's contributions of new evidence, and, furthering the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."




Don has clearly interpreted and synergized a, previously, very hard to decipher Zapruder film frames sequence that details President KENNEDY's actions and his first bullet impact, first reactions to his being impacted, in his Visual Report entitled, "The  First  Impact: While JFK was  Still  Hidden Under  the 'Magic-limbed-ricochet-tree' ".

Men of Courage: President Kennedy-elimination  homepages website by Donald Roberdeau.... President John F. Kennedy's "Men of Courage" speech, and his assassination-elimination detailed evidence: Investigated & Not Investigated, Key Research: On-going, Updated, Discoveries, Supporting References, and Witnesses, Suspects, & Outstanding Researchers links for Your Considerations, available here

A recent important research discovery contribution by Don includes his 
"Discovery: Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS Zapruder Film Documented  2nd  Headsnap: West, Ultrafast,  and Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll" detailing and showing attack close witness Rosemary Willis's second Zapruder film documented, Z-214 to 215 starting, ultrafast headsnap directly towards the "grassy knoll" .... Rosemary's headsnap was a 0.16 second, 90 to 100 degree, westward headsnap (and because of its sheer speed, most likely an impulsive attraction) that extremely rapidly moved her head away from facing the southWEST corner of the book depository (where Mr. Arnold L. Rowland observed a second rifle armed assassin), towards Rosemary facing Mr. Zapruder----and the long suspected "grassy knoll" picket fence location directly behind Mr. Zapruder from Rosemary's line of sight.

Don has also freely contributed what many researchers have stated is the most accurate research
Dealey Plaza detailed map that provides very precise victims locations and their reactions, pinpoints witnesses and photographers locations and their attack observations, photos and films, details key evidence and evidentiary artifacts, suspected assassins locations and bullets trajectories, and provides important attack and post-attack related information all gathered in one, convenient source. Following the map are several additional key, valuable considerations that are visually detailed in charts and scaled graphics.... A long time, dedicated researcher recently told me that he had a commercial business place print onto one sheet just the Dealey Plaza map without the 5 followup graphs and charts (and it cost him $ 97). You can easily assemble your own DP map for free by printing it onto twelve, 8.5" by 11" paper sheets, then, trimming off the blank border, then, simply matching up and adjoining the sheets at their common edges points with clear tape. I also have available for you a DP map that is four times larger in size when you email me via my contact information. Your comments, and your specific referenced critiques are always welcomed. All of your referenced information will be considered for inclusion to help for our DP map when you email me via my contact information. Please Feel free to bookmark the maps in your favorites file, and check back periodically as I usually update them regularly with new information.

Visual Report: Reality versus C.A.D. :  the  Real  World,  versus, Garbage-In, Garbage-Out .... Direct, same-sized, side-by-side comparison of the President's real, sitting-erect posture that is clearly documented in the TOWNER photo, documented in the ZAPRUDER film, and, documented in additional photos, versus, comparisons to C.A.D. (computer aided drawing) fabrications of theoretical depicted revisionists attempts. These comparisons transparently reveal the Warren Commission-apologists being forced into concocting their not-so-subtle, revised-yet-again, patently-absurd, deliberately-incorrect JFK posture at the instant of the apologists, supposed, "single-'magic'-bullet" "theory"

. . . . Unfortunately for the Warren Commission-apologists . . . .

.... Along with the fact that President KENNEDY was smiling widely and happily waving (over 2 seconds after the commission-apologists loud shot that the, supposed, "lone-nut," supposedly, fired into the known nearby tree branches) and his head was turned nearly 90-degrees rightward when he exhibited his first evidentiary, ultrafast signs of his being impacted with a bullet....

.... and, at no time in the Zapruder film prior to his first reactions to being bullet impacted, is the President, ever, seen sitting and leaning his head, nor his neck, nor his upper torso so very far forward and downward into a posture where his throat front wound was below his back wound....

.... a back wound that was, repeatedly, explored by all 3 autopsy doctors with their fingers....

.... a back wound that was, repeatedly, explored utilizing several long, stiff, and flexible sounding rods (bullet trajectory duplicating rods)....

. . . . and . . . .

, all 3 autopsy doctors initially confirmed 11-22-63 with the President's body right in front of them for many hours that the President's back-entering bullet had penetrated a very short depth of only 1" to 2".

Best Regards in Research,

+ ++Don
Donald Roberdeau
United States Navy
U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker
Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly

For your key considerations + independent determinations....

Homepages Website:  "Men of Courage":  President Kennedy-elimination  Evidence,
Photographers, Outstanding Researchers Discoveries, Suspects, + Key Considerations....

The Dealey Plaza Detailed Map:  Documented 11-22-63 Victims Precise Locations +
Reactions, Evidence, Witnesses + Photographers Locations, Suspected Bullet Trajectories,
Outstanding Researchers Discoveries, + Important Information + Key Considerations, in
One Convenient Resource....
( updated map, + new information )

Visual Report:  The  First  Bullet Impact Into President Kennedy: While JFK was  Still  Hidden
Under  the "Magic-limbed-ricochet-tree"....

Visual Report:  Reality  Versus C.A.D. : the  Real  World,   versus, Garbage-in-garbage-out....

Discovery:  Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS:
Zapruder Film Documented  2nd  Head Snap:
West, Ultrafast,  and Directly
Towards the Grassy Knoll ....

T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore

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